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Fine Gael Labour Policy..mid 50’s? July 7, 2017

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A surprisingly interesting pamphlet produced by Fine Gael in (I think) the mid 1950’s around Workers Rights, Unions and so on. Quite radical by todays standards.


1. shea - July 7, 2017

great find. Any idea who wrote it?


oconnorlysaght - July 7, 2017

I think it appeared in the mid-sixties in the euphoric period following the party’s acceptance of D.Costello’s ‘Just Society’. It got votes, but was interpreted very quickly in as moderately a form as was possible.
The lesson is; programmes are fine, just as long as you can trust the presenters to execute them.
(A corollary to this is that when the programme gets into difficulties, there should not be a retreat from it, nor an attempt to stonewall behind it, but to press on towards its goal. Fine Gael, not believing in socialism (the goal was never going to do this.)

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2. shea - July 8, 2017

thanks for that.

promising farm labourers land is a noticable one but the land commission would have been a factor in rural life and such a thing not out of the ordinary.


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