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Interview with Liadh Ní Riada, SF MEP…  July 7, 2017

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In the latest edition of Hot Press, conducted as always by Jason O’Toole. It covers a lot of ground including the fact her father, Seán Ó Riada died at an appallingly young age of 40 when she was only four. Her mother died six years later. It clearly wasn’t an easy road given all that and after…

So your family were ripped off?

We were ripped off, in a nutshell. I would say Gael Linn, for instance, were fantastic. This would’ve been more down to the executors of the will who were supposed to be carrying out our parents’ wishes and looking after and protecting us – and that didn’t happen really as effectively as it should’ve. We were left very poorly: we didn’t have money.

The piece notes her sense of sexism in politics. Here’s a revealing anecdote about how far matters have yet to progress.

Do you find much sexism in politics?

I do. Not overtly, but if I go into a meeting with my PA, who’s a man, they’ll direct the conversation to him! I’m looking at them going, ‘I am the MEP!’ Now, after five or ten minutes, they realise and direct the conversation to me because the PA is often there to take notes.

In regard to Repeal the 8th she says:

Would you be against so called ‘abortion on demand’?

No woman goes out there thinking, ‘I’ll have an abortion!’ It’s a very traumatic experience for anybody. It’s an intensely private affair. Women shouldn’t be judged by people if that’s what they need to do. It’s a woman’s body, it’s a woman’s choice to do what she needs to do. The only part I would have a problem possibly with is a certain length of time: if somebody has an abortion after when a foetus is very viable I would have an issue with that. It’s a question of responsibility


You were behind the EU inserting a new Bill to protect the Northern Peace Process in the aftermath of Brexit…

The Peace Process is safeguarded within the European institution. They hold it as something that they have to absolutely keep at all costs.

So, it’s great when you can create something like that, which has such a knock-on effect.

Should Northern Ireland be awarded a designated status within the EU? 

Whatever way you look at it, it’s going to be the EU frontier and the other member states are not going to be happy. They will say, ‘This is not a decision for Irish and the English government to decide on a border: this is a decision that is going to be made at Council level’. We have to get the rest of Europe to agree that we have to have a special designated status for the North. It’s going to be difficult. We do have a lot of support from MEPs and committees and commissioners. But you would be afraid that the North is just going to be collateral damage.

And this:

What do you think about Sinn Féin’s policy that members should only accept the average industrial wage?

I think it’s a good idea. I’ll tell you why: on huge wages you’re really removed from reality, you’re really removed from the struggle it is for people to educate their kids, to pay their mortgage, and all of that. In order to be in touch with the reality of what it’s like to be an ordinary working class person in Ireland, you need to be living in the same circumstances. That means having an average industrial wage and trying to make it stretch.

You’re taking the average industrial wage?

I am indeed.

Ex-Sinn Féin member Matt Treacy recently published a memoir. In it, he claims that some party members are getting so-called top-ups, with mortgages being paid. Have you heard about anything like that going on?

No, I haven’t. If I thought they were going to pay my mortgage now, I might be saying, ‘Listen, that would be great’. Certainly, in my case that hasn’t happened.

There’s a fair bit more… well worth a read.


1. roddy - July 7, 2017

Treacy actually said that HE HEARD ABOUT the so called “top ups” .As I have said before many elected reps North and South have left SF on bad terms over the years.Not one of them has disputed the AIW policy.If it was not being implemented as stated ,by the party ,surely some of these reps (many now masquerading as “super Republicans” )would expose it .Do people seriously think SF knows in advance who will leave in the future and pay them less than the rest while paying extra to those who the crystal ball forsees will never leave? !


dublinstreams - July 7, 2017

Well one of the people they didn’t implement the policy was with Matt Treacy as he refused to comply http://www.independent.ie/opinion/columnists/sinn-fein-hr-chief-pressured-adviser-for-voluntary-wage-donations-35785951.html


RosencrantzisDead - July 7, 2017

Your defence is evasive, roddy. You deny anyone has any evidence of SF giving top-ups and attack their credibility.

But you do not actually say there are no top-ups.



2. WorldbyStorm - July 7, 2017
3. Tawdy - July 7, 2017

Tomas McGiolla was extremely upset when he found out he was the only one on the AIW and the rest of the Workers Party TDs were ignoring that policy.


4. Joe - July 7, 2017

SF has more pressing matters to deal with internally than the AIW http://www.google.ie/url?url=http://www.independent.ie/irish-news/politics/sf-denies-bullying-is-an-issue-in-the-party-35904217.html&rct=j&frm=1&q=&esrc=s&sa=U&ved=0ahUKEwi01tb3tffUAhXEJlAKHRwFAGsQqQIIJzAD&usg=AFQjCNHF3H1i0abrG7Vn4gwVbQdSfZlXaw.

The party in the south is riven with personality clashes and splits. There’ll be more ex-SF Ind candidates than SF candidates in the next election the way things are going.
[IRONY NOTE: The above is just Friday pm internet slagging. I don’t believe it at all. SF will do very well in the next election and where ex SF Inds stand against them, very few will have any impact.]


5. roddy - July 7, 2017

I earn more than my local SF MLA and have a much less pressurised job.


6. roddy - July 7, 2017

Rosencrantz,all I can say is that every SF rep past or present that I know is / was on AIW. I have never known or heard of anyone exceeding it in 20 years.


7. roddy - July 7, 2017

I know of one MLA from a professional background who left because of the AIW rule.It represented a huge drop in income from what his qualifications entitled him to.


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