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Our other MEP? July 9, 2017

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Reading this on RTÉ was interesting, not least for the familiarity of non UK MEPs and EU Commissioners with the works of Monty Python… 

Commission’s vice-president Frans Timmerman who compared UKIP MEP Raymond Finch to John Cleese’s Monthy Python character, the Black Knight in the film The Holy Grail.

“Mr Finch really reminds me of the Black Knight, who after being defeated terribly and having all his limbs cut off says to his opponent ‘let’s call it a draw’,” he said.

“Let me know if there’ll be a Department of Silly Walks,” quipped the chair of the debate, German Vice-president of the parliament, Alexander Graf Lambsdorff.


But what of this?

However, other British MEPs who campaigned to remain were in no mood for jokes.

Conservative MEP Charles Tannock acknowledged his party is still deeply divided on Brexit, and warned that Theresa May’s government appeared to be on a ‘hard Brexit trajectory’.

Mr Tannock, who is an Irish citizen, told RTÉ’s European Parliament Report that he would continue to fight for a soft Brexit in his party. Any deal would have to be voted on in the Commons, he added, describing Jeremy Corbyn as another ‘hard Brexiteer’.

I’ve gone looking for him saying he’s an Irish citizen and not found anything – though corrections gratefully accepted. His mother is I think an Irish citizen.


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