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Well she would say that… July 10, 2017

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Theresa May has said she had no regrets about calling the early election that stripped her of a parliamentary majority, insisting that she would boldly push ahead with her programme for government and would be remaining in place.

The Conservative leader said: “I think it was the right decision to actually call that election. I’d hoped for a different result.”



1. Alibaba - July 10, 2017

The worse-than-expected election result for Theresa May meant that there would be a lot of Tories working to undermine her leadership. But not until she cemented a deal with the DUP and even that deal already faces a legal challenge from a Green Party member in the North. Much more lies in this direction around dangers to the much mentioned “peace process”. I suggest a leadership challenge may topple May in a few months, although the minority government will probably last a few years, say, three.


Joe - July 10, 2017

But surely the tory backbenchers will balk at replacing May because the bloodletting would bring more instability and probably an election. That’s her one chance isn’t it? – they want her gone but are afraid if they dump her, an election will follow and the people will dump them. So she could hang on with this minority government for quite a while.


Alibaba - July 10, 2017

You are right to suggest they wouldn’t want another election, especially given the high ratings of Corbyn now. But by any reasonable account, May is all over the place and will just stagger from one crisis to another. Tories won’t tolerate this kind of chaos, hence leadership change is a damage limitation exercise. It’s easily done by those influential careerists chafing at the bit to replace her.


2. roddy - July 10, 2017

That legal challenge sums up the total disconnection from the real world of the Green party.


3. FergusD - July 10, 2017

Maybot has now issued an appeal to other parties to “contribute”. Desperate or what!


I imagine many a Tory MP might say “why not ask us to contribute”! She is not known to be open to suggestions from even her own side


sonofstan - July 10, 2017

And she’s missing PMQs the next day!


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