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Plagarism, Dubious Competitions and Repealing The 8th July 14, 2017

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The Liberal.ie run by Leo Sherlock has had some bother in the courts over plagiarism recently and there has also been some controversy over the subsequent almost illegible apology (which was ordered by the courts).
Since it’s foundation, there has also been concerns raised over Facebook competitions run by the site. There’s some investigation done on them here . What these Like and Share competitions have done is give the liberal.ie an incredible reach on Facebook. There is a sister site pretty.ie which has also run these like and share competitions.
Given Sherlocks pro life views and indeed the fact that his sister is Cora Sherlock, I saw a theory today that The liberal.ie is simply a placeholder site, biding it’s time over the years waiting for the 8th Amendment Referendum Campaign.
So once the campaign for real begins over 430,000 Facebook users will have all sorts of anti choice stories and headlines in their timeline….and that’s before they even click on the link. A ready made audience…..allegedly.
So ask everyone you know to ‘unlike’ the liberal.ie!


1. Starkadder - July 14, 2017

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