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Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week July 16, 2017

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A wonderfully frank editorial this week about property prices and the housing crisis. Frank as in it’s all about one class and one class only.

however, after the crisis there is now an opportunity to build a new social consensus for all citizens to share, a challenge which is giving rise to political anxieties, although not to the extent it is in other parts of the world, with the middle class here certain to contribute signifiantly to building of that new Ireland.

Who cares about the homeless or social housing as long as we see the problems of the middle class solved?


1. EWI - July 16, 2017

After suppressing Dublin Corporation (too bolshie, too Republican) in 1923 and installing their party men to run it, Cumann na nGaedhael showed us their concept of ‘social housing’ with Marino, which was entirely unavailable to slum-dwellers.


2. Dermot O Connor - July 16, 2017

Ghhhhghreghhghghg. Some twat here in the US said that “a healthy democracy needs a vibrant middle class”. Dear god. Keep the aspidistra flying…
If I hear the construction “the disappearing middle class” one more time….

Which reminds me, there’s an interesting Huxley essay from the 30s about the hatred that middle class people feel toward the working class being the most extreme of any form of class hatred (H says it’s because the MC are so close to being WC that they hold on to that contempt with even greater venom).

I’ll try to dig up the passage tomorrow.


Thought you might want to bookmark this one, as it shows that the NuLab strategy of “run as your local MP, pretend that the Corbyn doesn’t exist” was not a winning strategy. People, as it turns out, actually voted for policies n leadership n stuff.



EWI - July 16, 2017

How on earth is that NuLab MP, John Woodcock, still allowed to be a member of the party?


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