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That technical fix for the border? July 17, 2017

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Not going to work according to Simon Coveney.

“What we do not want to pretend we can solve the problems of the border on the island of Ireland through technical solutions like cameras and pre-registration and so on. That is not going to work.”


“Any barrier or border on the island of Ireland in my view risks undermining a very hard-won peace process and all of the parties in Northern Ireland, whether they are unionist or nationalist, recognise we what to keep the free movement of people and goods and services and livelihoods.”

Reading as much as I could about it I’ve been growing more and more sceptical that there’s a technical ‘fix’.


1. benmadigan - July 17, 2017

if there is a technical fix or a physical EU frontier, prepare to see thousands of people just crossing over, just like the fall of the Berlin Wall


2. Aengus Millen - July 18, 2017

I’m glad to see Coveney taking this even a little bit seriously. Hopefully he and the EU negotiators will drive a hard bargain.


3. bjg - July 18, 2017
WorldbyStorm - July 18, 2017

Not exactly comforting, is it? By the by, Richard North is near incandescent at this point. Can’t blame him.


sonofstan - July 18, 2017

” Richard North”
Vaguely aware of who he was up to now, but had a look at the site, and one piece immediately struck me- he suggests that the tl:dr culture stretches right to the top and politicians, the CS and the media inhabit an oral/ talk media culture whereby they are briefed by people who are briefed by people who might have read a ‘one pager’ that summarises whatever the issue might be. Would explain a lot.


WorldbyStorm - July 18, 2017

He’s kind of problematic is North, climate change scepticism shading into denial amongst other matters, but the analyses of Brexit from a pro Leave position are very detailed and well thought through and at least he treats it with a degree of seriousness. Think you and he are right re tl:dr culture. It’s amazing to me reading into the customs etc side how Ill informed so much commentary is. Basic factual stuff is ignored or not known. Small wonder the EU are so chipper, if the Tories aren’t careful they’ll be eaten alive.


bjg - July 19, 2017

The Grauniad had an article yesterday that is not irrelevant to the tl:dr point

Davis is neither stupid nor idle. Arrogance alone could not have raised him from a penurious childhood to the top of government. He is energetic and cunning. But his skills are suited to a peculiarly British mode of advancement: the celebration of swagger and bluff over due diligence. Davis has benefited from Westminster’s generosity to men who gamble and busk their way through scrapes born of their own ill preparation – overgrown schoolboys who shirk their homework, then talk their way out of detention.

It is a trait Davis shares with Boris Johnson, one of his rivals in a succession battle, should Theresa May be deposed. Both have a reputation in government for ignoring their briefing notes.




WorldbyStorm - July 19, 2017



sonofstan - July 19, 2017

Came across this in the wiki piece on Liam Byrne, Labour MP who is proposing that Labour start emphasising English identity (I was looking him up because thought – ‘with a name like that…’). Anyway ,from when he was a minister, this memo to staff was leaked;
” He warned staff that they should “Never put anything to me unless you understand it and can explain it to me in 60 seconds.”


Joe - July 19, 2017

Think Albert Reynolds had a line something like: “Give it to me on one page”.
The instruction “Never put anything to me unless you understand it” is reasonable enough isn’t it? “Explain it to me in 60 seconds” might be problematic though if you’re a bit thick yourself!


4. Joe - July 19, 2017

tl dr. I had to look it up. Now I know. I have it bad. Even applies for me to some posts on here. But at least I’m not a government minister.


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