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2.00 p.m.   Leaders’ Questions (FF, SF, RIG, SD-GP) (32 mins) July 18, 2017

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Reading the above in the weekly schedule of Oireachtas proceedings from last week it took me a second to realise that RIG stands for Rural Independents Group.

SD-GP is self-explanatory.One has to wonder at whether that latter will have any effect on the two formations. Hard to believe it would more broadly. They jealously guard their identities. But working together does have a way of shaping politics.

Actually looking at the week and the division of time is interesting.


2.00 p.m.   Leaders’ Questions (FF, SF, RIG, SD-GP) (32 mins)


12.00 p.m.  Leaders’ Questions (FF, SF, Sol-PBP, I4C) (32 mins)


1.00 p.m.   Leaders’ Questions (FF, SF, LAB, I4C) (32 mins)

It’s acronym city out there but also hugely variegated. I wonder how many people outside of the political bubble know what I4C stands for. And consider Labour, now relegated well behind FF and and SF. Also fascinating is how so much of the opposition is left wing. And yet the actual political weight in percentages and numbers is relatively low.


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