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More unforced errors July 19, 2017

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Entertaining to see Trump attempt rather ineptly to dismiss a poll that shows him with the lowest six-month approval ratings in 70 years.

Trump now has a 36% approval rating, down six points from his first 100 days’ rating.


Trump, who has spent the weekend at his private golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, attempted to downplay the poll’s findings. On Sunday morning he used Twitter to claim, incorrectly, that “almost 40% [approval] is not bad at this time” and that the poll in question had been “just about the most inaccurate around election time!”.
In fact, the Washington Post/ABC poll came close to predicting the popular vote on election day – which Hillary Clinton won by 2.5m ballots, Trump taking the White House in the electoral college – and no president has suffered such low ratings at this early stage in their tenure since such polling began in 1945

Someone asked me at the weekend did I think he could be reelected. Sure, I thought he could but whether he would… it is difficult to see him winning if the Democrats mount a half-decent campaign with a half-decent nominee. And even if they don’t have a half-decent nominee I still wonder. Trump would have to significantly add to his then share. Not looking great in that respect. Moreover in amongst the details there’s worse for him…

The poll found that 48% believed America’s leadership in the world is weaker than before the billionaire took office, while support for Republican plans to replace Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act was at just 24% compared with 50% who support the former president’s signature healthcare policy.

I’m almost convinced he will see out his term, and it will be the politics that will do for him. And that point about a ‘weaker’ US is significant, and that rating on the ACA even more so.

There’s more evidence of amateur hour stuff at the White House and around it…

On Sunday, Trump’s personal attorney Jay Sekulow appeared on all five TV political talk shows to offer a spurious defense of the meeting [between “senior members of Trump’s inner circle, including Donald Trump Jr and son-in-law Jared Kushner”] . Sekulow appeared to blame secret service officers for allowing the Russians into Trump Tower.
“I wonder why the secret service – if this was nefarious – why the secret service allowed these people in?” he told ABC News. “The president had secret service protection at that point, and that raised a question with me.”
A spokesman for the secret service later confirmed that Trump Jr was not under the agency’s protection at the time of the meeting and “thus we would not have screened anyone he was meeting with”.

It’s this kind of unforced error that is so telling. Sekulow could have crafted something better, but no, out with any old guff and hope that it works. For some it will but also a further interesting snippet from the poll where 63% believe the meeting was inappropriate.


1. Joe - July 19, 2017

Could he be re-elected?
Well, right from the get go, everyone said he wouldn’t have a hope. Right through his campaign, day after day, gaffe after gaffe, his demise was predicted.
He could certainly be re-elected.


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