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Chaos and stasis in UK politics… July 20, 2017

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Another snippet from Andrew Rawnsley in the Guardian that is worth considering…

We do live in incredibly volatile times; public opinion can be extraordinarily fickle. Ask Jeremy Corbyn. Not so long ago, the Labour leader was plumbing record depths for unpopularity; now, senior Tories tell me that Mr Corbyn would become prime minister if there was an election tomorrow.

I worry about this, not because I don’t want him as PM – I obviously do, as do we all, want him as PM. This decade with a coalition government, the two largest parties vying for vote share, a Tory/DUP agreement, is all very very reminiscent of the 1970s (granted there was no coalition, but not difficult to see how it might have happened). And instability is… well… unstable.

Corbyn is, I’d think, best served by May holding on. That said, and Rawnsley makes this point, there’s no viable popular candidate to take over. I may be wrong, I often am in regard to this sort of stuff, but Johnson seems to me to have lost enormous political capital before and since Brexit. Davis? Hammond? To ask is almost to answer the questions. And while Davidson is perhaps the most feasible contender what would it take to deliver her to Westminster? Something so overtly political that it’s probably not feasible.

Can May recover? Rawnsley appears sceptical. I don’t think she can. So… stasis politically for the foreseeable, at least superficially, though beneath the surface everything is in churn, as well as the looming jump from the cliff of Brexit but a volatile mood in the electorate. Is that good for the BLP?


1. EWI - July 20, 2017

Meanwhile, this is the latest ridiculous Little Englander threat:

Nuclear experts who have advised the British government told the Financial Times that the Department for Exiting the European Union’s none-too-coded warning over the future ownership of radioactive waste might just encourage a more flexible approach from the Europeans over the issue.

“It might just be a reminder that a boatload of plutonium could end up at a harbour in Antwerp unless an arrangement is made,” one nuclear expert told the FT.
EU diplomats told the FT that they had noted the veiled threat on nuclear waste. One reportedly joked that they would have “the coastguard ready”.



WorldbyStorm - July 20, 2017

Its weird, is Euratom leaving the UK? No, its the other way around and yet the UK acts as if it isn’t!


EWI - July 20, 2017

Someone really ought to keep a running timeline of gambits employed by the Brexiteers. The claims that South Korea would sue the EU over Brexit, and the UK gov’s claim to own Lough Foyle, included!


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