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The GFA/BA and Brexit? July 20, 2017

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Hey, wasn’t Newton Emerson dismissing the idea that EU or Brexit had any significant part to play in relation to devolution and in particular the GFA/BA? Why, yes, yes he was.

Leaving the EU cannot affect one word of the Agreement, as unanimously ruled by the UK Supreme Court five months ago, upholding a judicial review in Belfast last year.


If you are going to specify the importance of the Agreement as a legal document, you should give some weight to the fact that no judge can find Brexit has any bearing on it.

And even this very day he takes Simon Coveney to task for his comments on the impossibility of a technical ‘fix’ solving the issue of border controls… and his ‘doom-laden’ language.

But hey, doom laden language, what about this from the formerly highest ranking Catholic officer in the PSNI and more recently CEO of Co-operation Ireland…

Sheridan also has a concern about Brexit and how that unknown will affect community relations. He recently showed the European Union’s chief Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier, around the Border.
“I said to Barnier: ‘Do you see the Border there?’ And he said no. ‘That’s the idea,’ I said. ‘We want to keep it like that.’”
Sheridan provided Barnier with a snappy back-to-the-future version of the dangers of a hard Border, and how dissident republicans would see it as an opportunity to be seized. He said to him: “If you think it’s just a question of putting up customs posts then you will have made a mistake. If there are shots fired at customs posts then police will be required to protect customs officers. And if shots are fired at the police then the army might be required to protect police officers. Then if they shoot at the army you will need to build watchtowers and permanent checkpoints and close Border roads.” Sheridan reckons Barnier got the picture.

But what would he know?

Or what of the House of Lords EU Affairs Committee which this week has noted that:

“It . . . appears that the Brexit debate has undermined political stability and exacerbated cross-community divisions, contributing to the collapse of the Northern Ireland Executive and the calling of an early Assembly election. At the time of writing, the powersharing institutions have yet to be restored,”


“The supremacy of that EU law, and its interpretation by the Court of Justice of the EU, have helped to hold the UK together and maintain the integrity of its internal market. Brexit thus presents fundamental constitutional challenges to the United Kingdom as a whole,”



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