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Looking for special legal status in/out of the EU July 21, 2017

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Someone in comments on the Guardian a while back wrote that while they were no fan of Brexit one aspect of it was that they knew a lot more about a range of issues and areas of modern life than they used to. And so it is with this here (in the Guardian – natch!) on foot of the suggestion from Marian Harkin MEP that suggestions should be coming not just from the EU or the UK but from this island as to solutions to the border. There’s a heap of micro states, enclaves and so on around Europe. More even than I’d have thought – I was only vaguely aware of one of the enclaves in Italy (and I’d forgotten Monaco itself is an enclave).

The big problem. The overwhelming problem is that the DUP will not accept special status for NI (even though by dint of the political structures already extant the North has functional and legal special status as regards the rest of the UK).

I had to smile that Harkin was…

…citing Vatican City, the Aland Islands in Finland and two tiny communities in Lombardy in Italy that have tailor-made trading arrangements with the EU.

Not sure that first example is one I’d fix on if I was set on convincing the DUP of something.


1. sonofstan - July 21, 2017

I would also hazard a guees that all of these examples taken together wouldn’t have the population of NI.
I was in Andorra last summer – the queues in and out are not something we’d wish to see on the M1


2. lcox - July 21, 2017

I was really surprised talking to a range of well-educated people in southern England, at least 3 who weren’t “only English” by background (so might be expected to have more than a purely local focus), and was pretty struck by how little they knew about the status of e.g. the Channel Islands, Isle of Man, etc. As (technically) a dynastic state – not all of which is in the EU – the UK has a very baroque set of different territorial and legal statuses, not to mention citizenship / resident statuses. In fact I regularly find that English people don’t know that Scottish legal and education structures are different, even some of those working in education.

But then London and New York are (in my experience) the only two cities where people will regularly post announcements of events on international mailing lists and fail to say what city or country is meant.


sonofstan - July 21, 2017

Yes to all of that. On an even more obvious point, the number of times I’ve explained that, no, Norrthern Ireland is still part of the UK (but not of Britain)….

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