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Another weekend poll July 22, 2017

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And this one is from Sunday Independent/Kantar Millward Brown…

FG 30% +5 [since February]

FF 29% -4

SF 20% NC

LP 7% +1

IND 7% +3

IA 5% NC

GP 2% NC

SOL/PBP 1% -2

SD 1% -2

Margin of Error +/- 3%

A fair bit of movement outside the MOE, isn’t there? But then February is a long time back. What’s still clear is that FF/FG and SF appear to sit within fairly clear bands of support. The LP is still in the reckoning, Independents are at 12% all told (far from awful but close to 4% lower than at the GE in 2016). I find the SOL/PBP rating a bit on the low side, same with SDs, I’d tend to the view the RedC/SBP poll is more reflective of their actual levels of support. But. Then again these are parties that start with low enough levels. It could easily be that SOL/PBP is on 4%, and SDs likewise.

Anyhow, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this wasn’t the last poll before the Dáil returns in mid-September.


1. Jemmyhope - July 22, 2017

Agree with your reasoning that it seems likely that Sol/PBP and SDs could be on 4%..certainly I don’t think they are not as low as 1%

Interesting series of Sinn Féin results:

Kantar Millward Browne Poll results since June 2016.

Sinn Fein Results (Excluding- Don’t knows)
June 2016 20%
Oct 2016 20%
Feb 2017 20%
July 2017 20%

Looks like rock solid support.. probably be called stagnation by the Sindo.


2. Tawdy - July 23, 2017

I just have this to say about any poll conducted for INM.

Ha Ha Ha !!

Unbelievable !


Tawdy - July 23, 2017

I should add that if Gene Kerrigan’s article is read in tandem with this poll, you get a better idea of where I’m coming from.


3. Paddy Healy - July 26, 2017

I am unable to access any opinion poll details (eg core vote) on Kantar Millward-Brown website

In relation to the February Poll,used as a comparator in the Sunday Independent report, that core vote is also unavailable!

It is impossible to draw reliable conclusions from a poll without such data

B& A provide such data


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