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Doctor Who July 22, 2017

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I’m kind of intrigued about Jodie Whittaker as the new Doctor Who. I liked the most recent incumbent, wasn’t mad keen on the overacting that characterised some of his predecessors. My favourite was Jon Pertwee followed by Tom Baker, possibly Capaldi and on occasion Tennant was pretty good although again with the over acting.

The issue of gender surely is a non-issue, this is an alien who has variously been young, old, middle aged and so on. Male or female just seems to be more of the same – and in a good way. Mind you, some people are hugely exercised about this as some of the comments on this io9 thread demonstrate. Which just goes to prove that a small number of science fiction fans are as reactionary as can be.

Moreover given the idea was mooted at least as early as the Tom Baker era – by Baker himself at that point albeit somewhat in jest, and by the shows creator in 1986, in some ways the question is why not sooner. But one way or another it seems likes a positive and logical step forward. An interesting and supportive take from Colin Baker – never one of my favourite Doctors – here.

But Doctor Who is oddly unscience fiction in a way. It has never felt entirely a part of that genre, with elements if not quite fantastical at least unlikely or unfeasible freighted in. Perhaps that’s why the Pertwee years appeal to me so much (as well as having that 70s aesthetic that I like anyhow – Quatermass, UFO, etc, etc). They had UNIT (more on this later) and were rooted mainly in the UK of the time. They were never realistic. But they were more realistic. And there was a sombre tone to some of them that I’d love to see returned to.


1. ivorthorne - July 22, 2017

I had no problem with the writers having a feminine Doctor Who but it does raise the question of why he’s always British.

You can argue that adopting a British personal is an element of the Doctor’s character but with the change in apparent gender I think that argument is undermined.

As bad as the reaction to the gender change has been in some odd corners of fandom, I suspect casting an American or Indian etc. would have been even more controversial.


WorldbyStorm - July 22, 2017

Yeah, that’s an interesting point, where did the good doctor first arrive on earth and when (in canon)?


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