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This Weekend I’ll Mostly Be Listening to… Jane Weaver July 22, 2017

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I kind of got this on spec – following a review which suggested it had motorik and folk roots. And indeed it does. Jane Weaver has been toiling away for a while now both in groups (Kill Laura and Misty Dixon) and solo.

It’s great, it’s also kind of odd. It’s certainly not limited by motorik and folk and there’s pop and electronica too. There’s a base of interesting analogue and guitar sounds running through many of the tracks, particularly towards the end of the album. And then there’s the sense that tracks are layered, that there are additional sounds that are used to enhance the overall feel. It’s not sparse and it never overwhelms the melodies but it is genuinely atmospheric.

But there’s also a Hawkwind connection. Weaver on her previous album sampled Dave Brock’s Church of Hawkwind song Star Cannibal (and was herself sampled by Coldplay 😦 ). As she notes this was from Hawkwind’s deeply unloved 80s period, one which she likes. And I tend to agree. The three or four albums from then and after are ones that I’ve never stopped listening to. I’ve thrown that in too.

Great album.

Did You See Butterflies

Slow Motion

The Architect (Live)

The Electric Mountain


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