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Infiltrated July 27, 2017

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Uncategorized.

The names haven’t been released officially but one or two familiar ones already known in this piece in the Guardian on the at least 1000 organisations ‘followed’ by the British state from the 1960s onwards

The initial groups infiltrated by the spies in the late 1960s and 1970s included campaigns against the Vietnam war and apartheid, and leftwing organisations such as the International Marxist Group. The operation was later expanded to target the extreme right.


1. Gerryboy - July 27, 2017

Gee, I was involved casually with at least two of those campaigns. Do I earn a certificate?


WorldbyStorm - July 27, 2017

Perhaps two certs! Fwiw I’ve figured pretty much any left of labour party, formation or campaign here or in the UK is infiltrated to some degree, a lot if it on a passive watching way. Anything with a smack of republicanism one can assume greater surveillance by far.


2. Aonrud ⚘ - July 27, 2017

I’m sure I’ve posted it before, but I’m reminded of this note in an RUC file on a communist meeting in Belfast in 1930:

“Their following is so insignificant and of so little importance that it is not considered worth while interfering with them”.

How insulting when you can’t even attract the attention of the state… 🙂


WorldbyStorm - July 27, 2017



Michael Carley - July 27, 2017

I think there are a few of us who have never requested sight of any official documents on us because we couldn’t deal with the shame of discovering Special Branch doesn’t think you’re worth the trouble.


Jim Monaghan - July 27, 2017

My one probably has the title, innocuous eejit.


WorldbyStorm - July 27, 2017

+1. Me too


Michael Carley - July 27, 2017

“We have rounded up twice the usual number of innocuous eejits.”

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EWI - July 27, 2017

Aonrud, there was a comment on the IRB along the same lines at the turn of the twentieth century…


3. roddy - July 27, 2017

A man since deceased who lived locally used to announce “x was lifted last night,I’ll probably be next”.Unfortunately for him the knock on the door never came as the cops knew like the rest of us that his revolutionary activities were solely of the fireside/ barstool variety.He went to his grave totally ignored by the crown forces and sorely disappointed at being so callously overlooked.!


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