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Social democracy in decline… July 27, 2017

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Speaking of Prospect as I was earlier in the week. Christ Hanretty writing in that publication notes the incredible and precipitous decline of social democracy in Europe in the last twenty years. He points out that in 1998 of the EU15 11 heads of government were from social democratic parties. This year 7 of 28 countries had social democrats and as he notes only one had been elected within the past two years.

But he continues pondering the manner in which right wing parties have managed to take in formerly left wing constituencies to build support:

…The Corbyn surge points to a different interpretation. Perhaps because the dismantlement of traditional post-war social democracy has advanced further in Britain than much of the continent, a bold statement in favour of it can now be put forward as an anti-establishment position.

And he points to how that can actually knit those formerly left wing inclined constituencies with those who have stayed with Labour.

That’s not exactly the most promising analysis since it suggests that for things to improve elsewhere they have to decline yet further. Of course much depends on whether the European right will deconstruct traditional post-war social democracy in quite the same way as has happened in the UK since Thatcher.


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