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Class and identities July 28, 2017

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Zero Books podcast had a long interview with George Ciccariello-Maher on it recently where in the course of a broader piece on free speech they were discussing how whiteness and blackness are in a sense social constructs, but due to aspects of broader power relationships and dynamics there are aspects of same, particularly blackness that give it/them a reality that they would not otherwise have. But they made the parallel point that in relation to the working class… to pretend there is no working class there is no politics since we cannot reach the goal we’re talking of (which is revolutionary/transformational change) that will see the end of the working class, indeed all classes.

…if anything it is the opposite in the present in that too few people are identifying as working class, the poor, those who are exploited, who live under a certain class condition who nevertheless consider themselves to be temporarily embarrassed members of the middle class. They refuse that [working class] identity.

The discussion on free speech was interesting too. I found myself oscillating between the positions of the respective speakers. Useful.


1. dublinstreams - July 28, 2017

Leo V the T claimed on Vinb that 70% of Irish describe themselves as middle class (even those on minimum wage), nobody can find where he got that stat from although there was a recent news story about the US where 70% see themselves as middle class but only 50% are. Very Trumpian of him to offer something many can’t achieve. https://www.tv3.ie/3player/show/41/0/Tonight-with-Vincent-Browne


WorldbyStorm - July 28, 2017



2. roddy - July 28, 2017

Roddy now identifies as peasant!


3. Gerryboy - July 28, 2017

There are back-to-the-land peasants of suburban middle class origin scattered around the Irish countryside. From the 1970s onwards they bought dilapidated stone cottages in Donegal and West Cork with a few acres around. I call them narodniki with plastic tunnels who cultivate organic lettuce and courgettes. As a junior minister in the FF-Green government, Trevor Sargent, soon to be ordained a Reverend, made micro grants of 5,000 euro upwards available to the organic narodniki. The revolution has to begin somewhere.


4. roddy - July 28, 2017

Urrrrggggghhhhh, keep them away from me. The reason I want to to identify as a peasant is so that I can be at least 30 miles away from those of “suburban middle class origin”!


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