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Will they pay for it?  July 28, 2017

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I don’t  buy into the rather specious efforts to make May and Corbyn equivalent in this recent piece by Janan Ganesh reprinted in the IT. Does Jeremy Corbyn actually want to see growth stunted in the UK?  Seems unlikely.

But… he does make one excellent point:

In that belief lies the eventual rout of this generation of leaders. There is no evidence that voters are ready to bear a cost to live in their own version of Eden. Last year, a large majority told surveys they would not pay a single pound to cut European immigration. A similar percentage still either assume there is no choice to be made between migration controls and trade with Europe or, forced to choose, favour the trade.


The British did not brave the costs to vote for exit. They just did not believe there were costs. None of this suggests that buyer’s remorse about exit is imminent, but politicians who count on a new public tolerance of economic pain to get through the coming years are foolish and should fear signs of a slowdown.

And this seems to me to be particularly compelling:

As official data exposed last week, the UK is a patchwork of deficit-running regions that are subsidised by London and its surrounds. Imagine if voters in those areas receive less generous transfer payments and inferior public services because of diminished growth in the capital.

Would they console themselves that at least their country was less globalised and that Londoners had some of the strut knocked out of them? Or would they become angrier? This is not a hard question.

This has an immediacy for this state and island. How to frame an UI in a context where the costs are minimised because it takes no imagination at all to see how that will become a massive obstacle to change. Of course, perhaps Brexit itself will so impoverish the UK that the issue will be moot. Or perhaps the transitional stages to an UI – perhaps including confederation or whatever, will take so long that the changes will not be noticeable.

But those are very real questions that face the next government of the UK. And consequently will shape the political terrain of the UK…



1. simonjkyte - July 28, 2017

Hmmm huge chunks of the UK have got nothing out of globalisation


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