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Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week July 30, 2017

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Not much online but hard to see beyond this anyway. The Sindo has found environmentalism, with an editorial about climate change. Water conservation is an important issue for them.

Irish Water reckons it needs to spend €5.5bn up to 2021, but where is the money to come from? It could have come from water charges but there was a popular revolt by those who pay little or no tax and so won’t be affected if it comes out of general taxation. 

Unsurprisingly, it has found the type of water regulation practised in the recent Mad Max film, where the best of have as much as they want while the less well off rely on trickle-down theories (see what we did there?). Anything but raise taxes in a progressive fashion to solve a problem. 


1. Michael Carley - July 30, 2017

Not the Sindo but Myers has plumbed a new depth


EWI - July 30, 2017

I’ve a suspicion that the Colonel will very soon be exiting the ‘London’ Times as well.

No reports yet from the joke that is the ‘West Brit History Festival’?


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Michael Carley - July 30, 2017

Apparently Myers is sitting next to Rabbi Julia Neuberger


2. Starkadder - July 30, 2017
Starkadder - July 30, 2017

I did a little searching, and I found the text of the 2009
Kevin Myers article about the Holocaust the Irish Independent has now taken off their site:


Reads like Spiked-Online style contrariness, coupled with a dash of Islamophobia. Plus, Myers doesn’t mention that a large number of Holocaust victims were murdered by gassing, or that
Bishop Richard Williamson claimed only 200,000-300,000 Jews were murdered by the Nazis instead of approximately 6 million.

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3. Couldn’t happen to a… | The Cedar Lounge Revolution - July 30, 2017

[…] …as noted by Michael Carley and others in comments Kevin Myers has run into a spot of trouble so great that… well… read on… […]


4. Jolly Red Giant - July 30, 2017

IT is worth noting that the mainstream media have been very reluctant to report the major climbdown by the judge to the legal challenge by defence counsel for the Jobstown defendants in Friday.

On Wednesday the judge stated her intent to change the bail conditions by gagging the next six defendants and forcing them to refrain from commenting on the trial in the media or on social media. Defence counsel indicated their intent to challenge the ruling of the judge and the full hearing was held on Friday.

The upshot of the legal challenge and that the judge reversed her statsd intent to change the bail conditions of the defendants and actually acknowledged the smear campaign against Paul Murphy and the other Jobstown who were acquitted, stating that Paul Murphy and the other defendants have been treated with ‘odium’.

Furthermore – the meltdown by Paul Williams on Newstalk Breakfast on Thursday was addressed along with his repeated rants against the Jobstown protest – leading to the judge confirming that if it was repeated he would be brought before the court on a charge of contempt. The defence counsel put the judge on notice that if she failed to act the defence would file legal documents with the court to drag Williams before the court.

Also last week the Police Authority stated that the Garda ‘review’ would include a review into the Garda investigation into the Jobstown protest and the sworn witness statements and testimony of Gardai during the trial. This was a major slap in the face for Noirin O’Sullivan who told the PAC last week that the ‘review’ would only focus on the policing of the protest.

Of course you will see little of this in the national media as they continue their campaign of criminalisation against the Jobsotwn protest. But to date the #JobstownNotGuilty have successfully beaten back the stage in the attempt to criminalise effective protest.

The ‘left’ needs to step up its support for the campaign – the focus of which is to get the remaining charges dropped and the conviction of the teenage boy overturned – some sections of the left have been very active in supporting the campaign but it is far from as extensive as it should be. Many on the left have been sporadic or even minimal in their support to date and that has to change.


Jolly Red Giant - July 30, 2017

It is time for the entire forces of the left in Ireland to step up to the plate and throw off its conservatism – there are significant opportunities now existing around the Jobstown campaign and other issues.

Furthermore – the entire left should now support Solidarity’s call for a combined left approach to electoral politics based on a left programme of opposition to coalition to the right – support for repeal of the 8th amendment – opposition to all forms of austerity – and – the implemention of a left programme for government. The wider left – and in particular left organisations – now need to publicly declare their support for Solidarity’s call for a left alternative to the policies of the right and any acceptance of the so-called ‘fiscal space’.


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