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Well that didn’t take long…  July 31, 2017

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Interesting the comments BTL on the piece about Myers on Slugger. Holocaust deniers, anti Semites, et al all making an appearance.



1. The Broken Elbow - July 31, 2017

I haven’t been able to access the full article yet but it looks as if Patsy McGarry has written a piece along the lines of: ‘….well he wasn’t all that bad you know. He really hated the Provos….’ will see what the full article says when i get my free articles back.

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2. The Broken Elbow - August 1, 2017

This what Brian Walker wrote (I kid you not) on Slugger O’Toole: ‘Kevin Myers disgraced
It is to say the least unfortunate that Kevin Myers’ iconoclasm about hoary Irish republican myths has been perhaps fatally devalued first by Holocaust denial and now by bonkers allegations that two BBC contracted women presenters were among the highest paid because they were Jewish.’
So that’s what was wrong with his article?


WorldbyStorm - August 1, 2017

I thought that a depressing line, as you said earlier its as if the fact ‘he really hated the provos’ is license enough for much else. There’s another thing that bugs me about all this – you’d think KM was contrarian in his anti 1960s Republicans onward line but that’s just not true, that line was received wisdom across the RoI,its political parties, its elite,most citizens etc bar a simpewhat minor wobble in FF in the very earliest phase of the conflict and one which blocked that approach for them subsequetly. Yet for pushing an open door Walker et al offer plaudits.


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