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The Irish Left: What is to be Done? A Monthly thread… August 2017 August 1, 2017

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SoS suggested some time back that we should do this thread regularly. And it is worth considering matters in the light of changing circumstances. For example, we’ve heard appeals from Solidarity to join them in building a new formation on foot of the latest section of the Jobstown trials. Sinn Féin is out of government in the North, perhaps for the medium term. There’s the travails of the Social Democrats. There’s the Labour Party still stubbornly sitting on 6% or so of the first preference vote. There’s the impacts of Brexit on the broader context and a new leader for Fine Gael. How do all or any of these function?


1. Paddy Healy - August 1, 2017

Questioner: You can’t expect Sinn Féin to sit on the opposition benches forever! Paddy Healy: That is not the alternative! What is needed is a mass 32-county All-Ireland Campaign against austerity. That could hoist the left and Sinn Féin into government alone in Dublin on a programme of immediately convening a Sovereign All-Ireland popular assembly along the lines of the First Dáil.
For An All-Ireland Campaign Against Austerity and a 32 County Popular Assembly http://wp.me/pKzXa-tz
However, Sinn Féin and the left would do better to sit on the opposition benches for an extended period mobilizing the people against capitalist attacks than to be implementing the attacks themselves together with FF/FG! That is what adherence to the Fiscal Treaty means! The effect of being in coalition with pro-imperialist capitalist parties is to disorganize the anti-imperialist, anti-capitalist movement. The turn of the Irish Labour Party back to coalition with FG in 1970 destroyed the left mobilisation of the 1960s in the 26-counties

We should go on the offensive. We should jointly call two national Demonstrations against Austerity-one in Belfast , one in Dublin


Paddy Healy - August 1, 2017

Because of the sharpness given to the National Question by the proposed Brexit, I believe that all socialists and Republicans including Sinn Féin should tell The British Government, the EU and the 26 Co government that no new restrictions on the movement of people or goods across the current border will be tolerated. Any such proposals will be met by united mass marches in towns on both sides of the border


Joe - August 1, 2017

How about united marches to Mass, Paddy? Check out the Aiséirghe 7 stage plan for reunification – stage one was a prayer crusade.


2. NollaigO - August 1, 2017

How is you bet on the last Dail election doing, Paddy.


3. Paddy Healy - August 7, 2017

just back from Gleann Cholmchille and returning to use of English language!
Joe McHugh, FG TD for Donegal and Government Chief Whip: “Border Type
Mr McHugh said the EU needed to be reminded constantly of its responsibilities around the peace process, and warned any type of Border beyond the existing arrangement, “hard or soft, manual or electronic”, would be a retrograde step.” Irish Times
This shows that the comment about marches to Mass is trivialising a very very serious issue.
People on both sides of the border are enraged with any suggested tightening of the Border to facilitate Brexit. The Fine Gael Supporters in the area are advising Veradkar that he cannot have his fingerprints on any such provision. (That,of course, does not mean that he will not capitulate to it-but it cannot be done with his formal agreement)
Governments are concerned about the possibility that the sort of campaign of mass demonstrations which I advocate may happen, even spontaneously.
But they are also concerned that it may give rise to a new miitary campsaign outside the control of Sinn Féin

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4. Paddy Healy - August 7, 2017

WBS is right to establish a monthly thread on developments on the left
It is therefore appropriate that include coverage of NEW and significant developments.
One such is the development of the 1916 Societies over the last two years. It is a network of local republican non-military, campaigning societies both north and south of the border.It is particularly strong in Co Tyrone. One of It’s current initiatives is a petition for an All Ireland Referendum on Irish Unity(not just a six county “Border Poll”) Seamus Healy TD and,perhaps, a few other TDs have signed it.

Facebook sites for 1916 Societies: Main Site: “1916 Societies” ,
Other Sites
“Dublin 1916 Societies” “Seán Heuston Dublin 1916 Society”
Thomas Ashe Society Omagh, “Sean Fitzpatrick Newtownbutler”
“Winifrid Carney Newry 1916 Society”, “Tomás MacCurtainn Cork 1916 Society”
There are others to which there may be links on the main site.

Contributors can read the material on these sites for themselves

There is also related material on my blog For An All-Ireland Campaign Against Austerity and a 32 County Popular Assembly http://wp.me/pKzXa-tz

I will comment on the issue of Sinn Féin and Coalition ,following the recent statements of Gerry Adams and Mary Lou McDonald, on the more recent CLR thread


Paddy Healy - August 7, 2017

Addendum: Members of 1916 Societies and members of Peadar O’Donnell Republican Socialist Forum often atten each others public events.


5. Paddy Healy - August 7, 2017

Manifesto of 1916 Societies-from Facebook page

* Constitutional authority resides with the Irish people alone

* The British Government Veto on Irish Unity is without legitimacy

* Dáil Éireann should be restored as the National Parliament of All Ireland

We contend the will of the people is for change in this country – for a National Republic in line with our democratic rights. We believe our flagship ‘One Ireland One Vote’ initiative – our demand for a single-constituency All-Ireland Referendum on Irish Unity – can realise that end.

Britain’s partition of Ireland and ongoing presence in the North is based on conquest, without mandate and usurps the will of the people. All external interference in the democratic process violates Irish sovereignty and should be rejected.

‘One Ireland Vote’ is a means to resolve the constitutional conflict in Ireland. It seeks to end partition, establish a Government of National Unity and rebuild the Sovereign All-Ireland Republic.

Website http://1916societies.com/about-us/


6. Paddy Healy - August 7, 2017

1916 Societies is clearly a very significant Development on the Left
Further Local Affiliates to 1916 Societies in Addition to those mentioned in earlier post
On facebook
Asgard 1916 Society Howth, Dublin.
charlie daly 1916 society tír chonaill
tomás allen meath 1916 society
thomas behan kildare 1916 society
dr kathleen f lynn branch of the 1916 society co mayo
thomas mcdonagh 1916 society mid west (covering North Tipp, Limerick, Clare)
Sean Larkin South Derry
Sean MacDiarmada Fear Manach
terence macswiney 1916 society Craigavon.

Other Groups which support All Ireland Referendum Petition

Liam Mellowes, Lurgan
United Ireland Society Ath Cliath


Paddy Healy - August 7, 2017

And there are more 1916Societies. . . .
On Facebook
Derry 1916 societies
Peadar O’Donnell 1916 Society, Derry City


7. roddy - August 7, 2017

Paddy,the 1916 societies are a pathetic disso front with neither support or credibility.Their south derry society consists of a handful of misfits,some of whom are banned from every pub in the area.


Paddy Healy - August 7, 2017

What else would you say? I have had several meetings with Dublin and Tyrone members of 1916 society. I have also attended a number of public meetings. I found them to be excellent and thoughtful people. I have no knowlege of particular branches.
There is total dissarray in several branches of Sinn Féin. I am not going to rely on that to evaluate Sinn Féin. There are far more serious political issues which I will continue to address.
When Sinn Féin wants to avoid discussion with republican critics, it always brands the critics as military dissidents. So I could have written your general comment in advance! Nothing new!


8. Paddy Healy - August 16, 2017

People on both sides of the border are enraged with any suggested tightening of the Border to facilitate Brexit.

Brexit; All Ireland Sovereignty Required More Than Ever Now http://wp.me/pKzXa-Vu

British Daily Telegraph Heading!
Britain is fighting to save Ireland from an EU-imposed hard border
Would you believe it?-Paddy Healy
Once Britain leaves the European Union, the only land border it will have with the bloc will be the 310-mile open border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Brussels would not be able to accept people crossing into (and out of) newly non-EU territory without being policed, so can they be satisfied while keeping travel flowing?
The British acknowledge that both sides will need to “show flexibility and imagination” in order to avoid “a return to the border posts of the past”. They have started the ball rolling by laying out how they want to resolve it in a new paper (something the Europeans have yet to do). Britain envisages an “invisible” border between Ireland and Northern Ireland without “any physical border infrastructure” and “light touch” technology handling any checks. The EU claims that it too wants to avoid a hard border, but it is only possible due to the bloc’s…—Daily Telegraph Aug 16, 2017


9. Paddy Healy - August 27, 2017

1916 Societies
Thomas Ashe Centenary Commemoration.
Sun 24/09/2017 2 PM • Dublin Glasnevin • Dublin
Assemble GPO 2 pm
March To Glasnevin Cemetery


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