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Doing The Responsible Thing ….. August 2, 2017

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Labour leader Brendan Howlin, not surprisingly, recently announced that Labour are willing to enter government after the next election. Howlin was quoted….

“We’re a party that wants to do”

This is a theme that will be expanded on as an election draws near and indeed during the campaign. It was one of the themes of Labours tenure in office, that they did the responsible thing going in with Fine Gael and that an FG government propped up by Independents would have been far worse. It didn’t wash with the voters as Labour had promised something very different to what they did. Moved the goalposts as soon as they went into Government.
So a theme of responsibility, taking the responsibility of governing or facilitating a government rather than sniping from the opposition benches. Making a real difference as it were.
Of course all this is aimed at The Left, Sinn Fein and some of the Independents. They opted out of Government or at least supporting the Government. Didn’t do the Responsible thing that Fianna Fail did.
Brian Lenihan did the responsible thing putting Country before Party and so on.
Fine Gael and Labour did the responsible thing and helped get the Country back on track. Of course mistakes were made…..
Hard to know if it will influence voters many of who can’t figure out why FF and FG wouldn’t just do the responsible thing and go into coalition together if they were so concerned with parties and Independents being willing to govern.


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