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Speaking of pushing back retirement… August 2, 2017

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No surprise here…

When tech workers reach the grand old age of 45, they see the number of jobs they are offered drop, according to research by Hired, the tech recruitment platform. Salaries begin to fall aged 45, with candidates in their fifties and sixties asking for the same pay as millennials with just two years’ experience.
Laurie McCann, a senior attorney with the AARP, which advocates for older people’s rights in the US, says ageism in the tech industry is a “very big problem”. Two-thirds of older tech workers say they have witnessed or experienced age discrimination at work, according to a 2013 survey by the organisation.


1. EWI - August 2, 2017

See: Google’s hostility to giving over details of their employee profile etc.

Incidentally, this is starting to affect more traditional professionals too. Workforce ‘flexibility’ means being able to fire senior members of staff and replace them with cheaper youngsters.


2. GW - August 2, 2017

Check. All the above.


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