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What you want to say – 2nd August, 2017 August 2, 2017

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As always, following on Dr. X’s suggestion, it’s all yours, “announcements, general discussion, whatever you choose”, feel free.


1. GW - August 2, 2017

YouGuv poll about what they call ‘Brexit extremism’.

Takeaway – A majority of Brexiteers don’t care if Brexit significantly damages the British economy and a significant number don’t mind if as a consequence their own (younger) relatives lost their job.

This latter trend becomes a majority in the over 65s.

As a control a majority of Bremainers would be willing to leave the EU if staying in would ‘significantly damage the economy’, and a very large majority would leave if remaining in caused a relative to loose a job.

It terms of Schadenfreude only a fifth of Bremainers thing significant damage would be worth it to teach the Brexiteers the error of their ways.


WorldbyStorm - August 2, 2017

Fascinating. There’s something oddly religious about that sort of belief system.


GW - August 2, 2017

To be fair, Lexiteers could argue consistently – within their belief system – that precisely this willingness to undergo what Lexiteers believe will be short-term pain in favour a hypethesised longer-term greater good, is a Good Thing.

Belief in ‘The Rupture’ is indeed religious – but I don’t mean that as a Dawkinesque insult – perhaps it’s necessary.


bjg - August 2, 2017

New Statesman here http://www.newstatesman.com/2017/08/yougov-research-brexit-proves-baby-boomers-hate-their-own-children

One point to note is that the Brexit lobbyists didn’t [at least not on any significant scale, AFAIR] promise economic damage, insisting instead that Brexit would enable all Britons [for certain values of “Briton”, perhaps] to live happily ever after. Did the flagellant https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flagellant Brexiteers give much thought to the cost before they were questioned for this survey?

There is an interesting take on the land promised, and on its consequences for HMG’s paralysis, in Brendan Donnelly’s piece here http://blogs.lse.ac.uk/brexit/2017/07/24/no-good-choices-for-the-british-government-in-the-brexit-negotiations/:

A favoured cliché of continental commentaries in this context is that the British “do not know what they want.” This particular accusation is incorrect. The British government knows exactly what it wants, which is systematic “cherry-picking” of the perceived advantages of membership of the European Union combined with the systematic unpicking of the obligations of such membership. This, after all, is what they promised the electorate in last year’s referendum campaign. It is, of course, true that the British government has not yet found any plausible negotiating strategy for bringing this happy combination about. There are however powerful political and psychological reasons why May and her colleagues are reluctant to admit that no such negotiating strategy exists indeed or could ever exist.

Donnelly says that

Nigel Farage was, to his credit, one the few on the “Leave” side of the argument who sometimes accepted that there might be some trade-off between economic and political components of the Brexit equation.

And Donnelly’s point that …

There is no meeting-point between the economic calculations of Philip Hammond and the political motivations that drive many of his most Eurosceptic colleagues in the Conservative Parliamentary Party.

… may echo Chris Dillow’s …

One aspect of this is that the always uneasy coalition between business and social conservatives looks less tenable today than ever: the Brexit supported by old reactionaries is against the interest of finance and much of business. Today’s Tories thus have a more precarious client base.

… in the Stumbling and Mumbling piece cited below.

Its incapacity to make any reasonable decision means, I suggest, that the United Kingdom is on the verge of being classified as a failed state. And that leads to this point made by Steve Bullock last month, in the New Statesman and elsewhere including here http://blogs.lse.ac.uk/brexit/2017/07/05/bloody-difficult-britain-has-already-blown-its-chances-of-a-good-deal-from-the-eu27/

The EU27’s leaders very much want a deal, but the government’s approach has made any desire to look for solutions that suit the UK evaporate. Why bother when they don’t appear to want a deal anyway? Why give concessions when the UK’s constraints are entirely of its own making?

In my view, the chances of this government getting any deal, let alone a good one, in only 21 months, are minimal. But I think it knows this. The Chancellor Philip Hammond, a lone moderate, pleaded for a transitional deal lasting up to four years. The level of complexity is too much for the UK’s Brexit negotiators, their preparations too poor, and the messaging too self-defeating.

I can therefore only conclude that this government’s plan is to walk out of negotiations, which will, of course, be a catastrophe for the UK. And all for want of a little humility, trust, honesty, organisation and understanding. But the government just couldn’t help itself, could it? The negotiators had to be bloody difficult.


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2. irishelectionliterature - August 2, 2017
3. panablogblog - August 2, 2017

The dlr Roger Casement Summer School will be held in the dlr Lexicon, Dún Laoghaire, Thursday 24- Saturday 26. For further information see Facebook: dlr roger casement summer school
and email: dlrrogercasementsummerschool@gmail.com


4. bjg - August 2, 2017

I know I might well be guilty of wishful thinking in saying this. But it could be that the Tories are so unhappy with the 21st century simply because it offers them nothing but the refutation of their beliefs and decline in their power.




WorldbyStorm - August 2, 2017

Good article bjg, too soon to say though? It reminds me of the opinion voiced in a dutch newspaper and quoted in the ITtoday about Trumps new ambassador to that country, ‘is sending a Dutchman to the Netherlands – but he’s a Dutchman from the 1950s’


5. Dermot O Connor - August 2, 2017

I only heard the ‘highlights’ of the infamous Joe Jacob Liveline interview, but holy hell, Kevin Myers on BBC5, this is excruciating!


6. FergusD - August 3, 2017

That is toe curling stuff. He makes all these statements about the behaviours of “Jews”, that are so stereotypical (more accurately racist) and doesn’t see what the problem is with that. He makes himself out to be a victim, it is as if somehow he wasn’t responsible for anything that has happened! He is truly appalling.


7. Gearóid - August 3, 2017

This radio presenter sounds like the annoying flipside of Myers. Irritating, self-righteous.


8. Starkadder - August 4, 2017

This “Baffler” piece doesn’t mention Mevin Kyers, but has some interesting points about the culture that produces people like him:

…this shared belief that every opinion has an equal claim to being right or true leads to the twisted state of things we have today where, say, anti-vaxxer conspiracy theories or climate change denialism are given plenty of media time and mainstream consideration even when it can be shown that some of their claims are verifiably wrong and have serious negative consequences. Stokes, in other words, is on to something here, but the problem goes much deeper.



9. GW - August 4, 2017

Myers – yawn.

Meanwhile the US led NATO presence in Afghanistan is loosing ground and becoming increasingly nakedly pointless.

Except when it comes to private armies like Blackwater making massive profits and the facilitation of systematic child abuse.


10. FergusD - August 4, 2017

The situation in Venezuela is critical. The BBC and most of the MSM back the opposition and portray Maduro as a dictator. This news outlet (I don’t know it’s political outlook) has a different slant, the violence directed against Maduro supporters and government officials, including the army and police:



yourcousin - August 4, 2017

A quick look at the “about us” reveals that it’s a bunch of white lefties from across the world. One doesn’t have to support the opposition to see that cult of the personality coupled with the petro economy is a recipe for disaster.

There isn’t an easy answer for what happened/is happening in Venezuela.


11. Joe - August 4, 2017

See Robbie Keane has signed for Atletico de Kolkata. Apparently, it’s a childhood dream of his come true.


12. Starkadder - August 6, 2017

Controversy rocks Google as a memo written written by a senior Google engineer argues pay differences between male and female employees are due to biological differences. It also claims the company pays too much attention to ethnic diversity:




13. Michael Carley - August 7, 2017

So a student in my (engineering) department who has finished up and is heading back to China called in with a small gift: Edgar Snow’s Red Star Over China. And in chatting informed me that the CCP has quietly banned Volume 5 of the Collected Works of Mao.


14. roddy - August 7, 2017

Is there any way China could now be considered Communist ,Socialist or even left.


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