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Tory fun August 6, 2017

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….A Conservative MP has revealed he is organising a ‘Tory Glastonbury’ following the boost given to Jeremy Corbyn at the music festival this year.George Freeman wants to establish the event for party activists and their families as way to bolster the Conservatives’ dwindling grassroots support.


…the centrist Norfolk MP Mr Freeman said: “Why is it the left who have all the fun in politics?”


1. Dermot O Connor - August 6, 2017

Fun? From my recollection, the tories had a LOT of fun in the 80s, smashing the British working classes and enjoying every damned second of it. The afterglow should keep them glowing for a while yet.


2. Lamentreat - August 6, 2017

Sir Cliff and Dame Vera headlining no doubt: the kids will love it!

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3. Gerryboy - August 6, 2017

Any chance of a Salvation Army band to lead home any ‘tired and emotional’ tory boys and girls from the alternative Glastonbury?


4. roddy - August 6, 2017

It’s just like here- why do the “provos” have all the best songs ?!


6to5against - August 6, 2017

All the best songs, Roddy? Have you ever found yourself belting out a verse or two of the sash when you were alone on the tractor and nobody could hear? There are certainly one or two around here who always belt out a verse, while complaining about the 12th…


5. roddy - August 6, 2017

The sash is a good tune alright.The wolfe tones even used to sing it up here in their early days.However as far as political songs are concerned ,Irish “rebel” ones have a worldwide reputation as being among the best.And much to the chagrin of the neo unionists ,both international and Irish icons can be heard belting them out.

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Gerryboy - August 6, 2017

An feidir leat an Sash a chanadh as Gaeilge, ag mairseal leis na Píobairí Ulaidh?


WorldbyStorm - August 6, 2017

Here’s a thought, it was said to me the other day that of all ‘world’ musics the Irish part (trad and folk etc) is the most successful commercially. Could that be true?


Michael Carley - August 6, 2017

Blues? Country?

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WorldbyStorm - August 6, 2017

That’s what I don’t understand unless they don’t get categorised under world music but separately to it and it is all trad/folk musics that are under it and therefore Irish is the largest selling component of all of them.


Michael Carley - August 7, 2017

I suspect the reasons for some music being “world music” and some not would lead us into a discussion of ethnicity and majority cultures.


6. roddy - August 6, 2017

Apart from the political songs, “Irish ” music has had an influence on “big names” like Dylan.Even country mega stars reference it as among their favourite genres.Local “showband” singer Brendan Quinn recalls touring America in the 70s and playing at a festival where Merle Haggard was headlining.In the middle of quinns set ,a band member would give the rest a break by producing an accordian and belting out “the bucks of Oranmore” and similar tunes.That night he got a message from Haggard to come to his hotel and bring “the accordian guy with him”.There followed an all night session in Haggards suite with the accordian player stealing the show!


WorldbyStorm - August 6, 2017

Just on the term ‘showband’, I’ve a huge respect for those involved. They were very much a training ground for many after (including Rory Gallagher) across a range of areas, country, rock, etc but also they were pretty solid in their own right with great musical ability. Of all of them I’d probably like the Real McCoy best (and shout out to RockRoots on his site for so many excellent examples of that era including them) because they had a certain edge but most all worked bloody hard. One other thing. They broke the lock the parish hall would have had on entertainment in the pre-50s/60s era and were in their own way a significant modernising factor.


6to5against - August 7, 2017

Listened in on a story a while back about a bunch of old showband musicians playing in a locked-up pub in Mullingar on a weekday afternoon. Just caused they still loved the music.

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