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Nelson’s Uprising August 8, 2017

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via The Irish Republican & Marxist History Project
Nelson’s Uprising written by Seosamh Keegan and dedicated to Liam Sutcliffe, who claims he was involved in blowing up Nelson’s Pillar in Dublin in 1966. Air….’Biddy Mulligan the Pride of the Combe’. Seosamh is a brother of the Socialist, Republican and Feminist Máirín Keegan 1932-72.

Wattie Cox I am called, from sweet Liberties’ halls.
I’m your guide to the past and I’ll tell
How Lord Nelson was raised
And was honoured and praised,
How he rose and, at last, how he fell.
Now the Castle decreed that to honour his deeds,
And also to honour The Crown,
An erection so fine, of a perfect design,
Where he’d reign, like a king, o’er the Town.

There was held a parade, when the first stone was laid,
People knelt in the streets that they lined,
For no one can deny that a man with one eye
Can be king where all others are blind.
Long though he reigned, the old order was changed,
The Sun shone on the Empire no more.
Still he perched in the air, like a goat at Puck Fair,
An idol with none to adore.
Until those with the will and the daring and skill,
They banished this lord of the fleet,
And he rose of sight, at the peak of the night,
With the charge that they placed at his feet.
Wattie Cox I am called, from sweet Liberties’ halls,
I’m your guide to the past, now you know,
How this symbol of power
Was plucked from his tower
To his place in the gutter below.


1. roddy - August 8, 2017

When I was at primary school,virtually every urchin would produce a small piece of stone from his pocket and claim it was “a bit of Nelson’s pillar”. Ownership of bits of the pillar was on a par with the number of oul lads in the freestate who claimed to have been in the GPOin 1916.!


2. Tawdy - August 9, 2017

I see Rodders is back on the auld. I’ll hit again. He has barrels of it !


Tawdy - August 9, 2017

Predictive text is so wearing.

Course I meant BULLSHIT !


3. Joe - August 9, 2017

I’ve a friend from Tipp. At his da’s wake, him and his brothers were totally bemused as neighbour after neighbour came up and shook their hands and said they wanted to shake the hand of the son of the man who blew up Nelson’s pillar.


4. Michael Carley - August 9, 2017



5. roddy - August 9, 2017

You’re on the oul sauce early today Tawdy!


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