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Polling in the UK August 8, 2017

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Always interesting to look in on UK Polling Report to see how matters stand. 

Most recent is a YouGove/Times poll with Con 41, Lab 44 and LDs 7%. Another is a week or so old but the latest Ipsos MORI/Standard poll has Tories and Labour near enough level-pegging… Looking back through recent polls since the election this seems to be fairly spot on. Some have the LP further ahead, some with the Tories ahead but most are in a band of parity with the LP just shading it.

These are good results for the BLP, no question about it.


1. simonjkyte - August 8, 2017

The only ones with any credibility are Survation


2. Gearóid - August 8, 2017

Labour also won a council seat in Worthing, near Brighton, the other day, as well as one in Kent. My English relatives used to live in Worthing. It is a stereotypical safe Tory seat but Labour made massive inroads there during the general election. Critics of Corbyn stated he would make the party toxic in the south of England but there were some very impressive results for Labour there. They gained a significant amount of votes in Cornwall, for example, and only need a modest swing to pick up one or two seats there alone.


3. Joe - August 8, 2017

Now that their sister party the SDLP has been wiped out in the North, is it not time for the BLP to stand candidates there too? The Corbyn wave could take seats for social democracy from the nationalists, British and Irish.


Michael Carley - August 8, 2017
4. roddy - August 8, 2017

First of all Corbyn has supported the “nationalists” in the 6 counties for his entire political life. Secondly the “LPNI” is a complete joke with factions ranging from BICO,Hoeyites,Blairites and expelees from the SP.Thats not mentioning people from the old NILP that havent been heard of in over 40 years and the likes of Mrs Liam Clarke. Throw in accusations of “entryism” and you have the complete circus.If anyone doubts my description of “a joke”,go to the BBC radio Ulster “i player” and listen to todays ” talkback” programme from approx 12.45 to 1.15. It features the various factions and gets more hilarious as it goes on. You need the full half hour to get a picture of where this whole sorry mess is going..


Joe - August 9, 2017

That’s all an indication of healthy energy and internal debate. Energy infused by the Jezza revolution. It’ll all synthesise pretty soon into a dynamic new social democratic project to unite the North’s working class. Breaking News: Jezza himself pencilled in to launch the Bellaghy branch next Tuesday night upstairs in McCann’s on Main St. See you there, Roddy?


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