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Can’t happen here? August 9, 2017

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This seems amazingly unfair…

The co-leader of the New Zealand Green party Metiria Turei has resigned citing “unbearable” pressure after she revealed that she had lied to claim more benefits as a single mother more than twenty years ago.

Last month Turei admitted to the New Zealand public that she had lied to a government social welfare agency as a 23-year-old single mother in order to “survive”.

Would a leader of a party face similar pressure here?


1. dublinstreams - August 9, 2017

she lucky she had a extra position to resign from that meant she seen to do something and stay an MP.


2. 6to5against - August 9, 2017

Bertie, when in office, admitted to working in the black economy when a young bookkeeper. I think there was widespread indifference to the issue.


3. Joe - August 9, 2017

There would be widespread indifference to working in the black economy or tax-dodging of any sort. There would be a vicious witch hunt of anyone found to have ‘fraudulently’ claimed social welfare payments.

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4. Lestentations.Ca - August 10, 2017


Can’t happen here? | The Cedar Lounge Revolution


5. roddy - August 10, 2017

“frauduently claiming social welfare benefits” is a badge of honour up here! Roddy was known to do “the double” himself. (signing on the bru and getting a few days on a site).People who managed “the treble” in the good old days before computerisation were held in special awe.(signing both sides of the “frontier” and earning a few bob). Fleecing the Brits and giving the staters a good kick in the nuts for collaborating with them brought nothing but admiration from your neighbours!


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