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This Weekend I’ll Mostly Be Listening to… Kiasmos August 12, 2017

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I was on youtube and came upon some KEXP sessions in Iceland, Kiasmos were one that caught my ear ….. and then a musical note  rekindled from the depths of my mind memories of my own times with a keyboard …….
One Christmas, 1979 I think, Santa was kind enough to bring a Casio keyboard. It was a white thing the length of a ruler and the width of a mobile phone and even came with a fancy sleeve. It had a variety of four sounds and I think eight different drum beats. The drum rhythms could be sped up or slowed down.It was battery operated too.
After a while I was hooked. I began playing around with it and writing my own tunes . (I could never read music, so never played any covers). I was playing away for months and had a repertoire of futuristic sounding instrumentals. …
I don’t recall how, but I ended up entered into a talent competition in Sallynoggin Hall that was being judged by RTE star Aonghus McAnally. So it was off to a packed hall for the competition. I had wanted to wear a denim jacket and T-Shirt but ended up going in a shirt and a horrible light blue V neck jumper which had yellow and white stripes down the front. So off we went to Sallynoggin with the keyboard in it’s fancy case and fresh batteries just in case!
There was a band , some singers and comedian and all of a sudden I was on. A school chair and a table. The Casio keyboard placed on the table, a microphone initially placed way too near to the Casio speaker as there was woeful feedback. I think I said a muted “Hello” rather than the triumphant “Hello Sallynoggin” I had imagined. I played for a few minutes said “Thanks” and wandered off to the backstage again. Some other acts came on and I waited to find out if Aonghus McAnally would judge me in the top three. Unsurprisingly he didn’t. I think I got to shake his hand afterwards, the fourth in a brief flurry of famous handshakes in the family. My older brother had shaken Jack Lynchs hand in Wexford, my sister had shaken Linda Martins hand and my Dad had shaken Charlie Haugheys hand (like shaking hands with a fish apparently) in Stillorgan Shopping centre. It was many years before any of us again had such brushes with fame!
I never entered a talent competition again .


1. WorldbyStorm - August 12, 2017

Great story, IEL. Ah talent competitions, I share your pain. I remember those Casio keyboards too. One passed through our house a few years later, perhaps 81 and I remember picking out OMD tracks and soundalikes on it for a couple of months. The drum settings were great but the keyboard sounds were very tinny. Happy days.

Kiasmos are brilliant. Only got to hear them in the last few years. Love their stuff.

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