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The iPods Shuffle and Nano, they are no more… August 13, 2017

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I am sorry to see the iPod Nano and Shuffle go – as announced this last week. Though this piece in the Guardian is factually incorrect… arguing that Apple has ‘abandoned its traditional iPods’. Er… no, the iPod Touch has been around for years and although expensive is probably best in class.

In fairness no harm in the article linked to above pointing to alternatives outside the Apple ecosphere. I have to admit the AGPtek Rocker which can handle SDD cards up to 256 GBs looks interesting. And I have to echo the criticisms of iTunes, very clunky. A lot of problems transferring content to Apple devices (and their handling of podcasts is bizarre in the extreme in relation to stopping downloading them if not listened to on iTunes when many of us would listen to them on portable devices).

A Shuffle was my first iPod, a Nano my second. These were great little devices with the quality of having restricted space so one had to think about what one would put on them. There was also a simplicity to their form which was pleasing. And they were small in size. They did what they did well and with little or no fuss.

Paradoxically, perhaps, for me there was no middle ground. Either I like a device that has very limited storage or one that has vast storage. The early iPod Touch was a fabulous thing – I’ve always thought it looked as if it dropped from a passing flying saucer. Even at this remove the sheer novelty of a touch screen was something else. But, oddly it was more troublesome since it had good but not great space for files.

Eventually I got an iPod Classic – a great chunky player that had 100s of GBs of space. Problem was it didn’t use an SSD so was liable to run into mechanical problems. As it did. So back to the latest generation iPod Touch – maxing out on GBs, albeit fewer than the Classic. Still it’s a fine device.

But it’s far from implausible that in a streaming world, having overtaken a downloading world, of music the next stop is no iPods at all. And what’s the choice then? A second-hand iPhone would do the trick I suppose albeit it seems wasteful. Or perhaps Apple will continue to provide a music player into the future.


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