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Gender differentiation? August 16, 2017

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There’s one half good point in this piece on the Google memo which has wider applicability, albeit there are many not so good points about supposed differences between women and men in working lives. I’ve been in the workplace for a bit over a quarter of a century now. I’ve never seen any evidence that women or men are unsuited due to their gender to be doing the jobs they’re doing. If anything I’ve found that – and I hate the word and I use it in a general sense – professionalism is more likely to be that of women than men. But only marginally.

But be that as it may, the one half good point is as follows:

…the usual way to reintegrate the sexes is to have them marry one another and raise kids, what Silicon Valley probably needs right now more than either workplace anti-microaggression training or an alt-right underground is a basic friendliness to family, pregnancy and child rearing.
This is why the new Apple headquarters, which has a 100,000-square-foot fitness and wellness center but no child care center, is a more telling indicator of what really matters to Silicon Valley than all the professions of gender-egalitarianism that have followed James Damore’s heretical comments about sex differences.
Those differences, the real ones, have one common root: Women bear children; men do not. Figuring out how to respect that essential fact and all its implications, while also respecting the equality of the sexes, is one of the great challenges of our age. And it’s because we are failing at it that the sexes have begun to go their separate ways.

I am sceptical about the sexes going different ways, and I’m sceptical that the sexes have to be reintegrated through marriage given so many opposite-sex people do indeed marry. But for the rest there’s a degree of sense there. And I’d take it a bit further. This doesn’t just apply to women bearing children, it is also about men taking a greater role in rearing children.


1. gendjinn - August 16, 2017

Watch Silicon Valley, the only things exaggerated for comedic value are the company names and the tech ideas. If anything Judge plays down the rest because no one would believe it.

EA game acquired Linden Labs (creators of Second Life) a few years back and proceeded to fire every single mother. Replacing them with their bro buddies. One foolish manager emailed his subordinate and literally leaked that they were planning on doing the same to her.

The misogyny is bad, the racism is worse. All the millennials share compensation information and they all know the women and minorities are systemically being paid less than white, males. That’s ten years now they’ve been in the workplace with this info. That fuse does not have long left to burn.


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