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Interview with Alan Kelly… August 17, 2017

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…in the current edition of Hot Press, by Jason O’Toole. A lot in it but here are some examples… well worth getting to read its entirety…

Social issues and conservatism?

You wouldn’t see sex before marriage as a sin?
Not at all! Ah, no. Don’t get this wrong. I’m very liberal on most issues. But no, no, no, I’m not. Oh my God, no! Jesus, no! There seems to be a view that some people wanted to develop for political purposes that, in some ways, I’m conservative.
I’m the most un-conservative person you’ll ever meet on most issues. I just don’t believe in shouting from the rooftops all the time. Also, my political views are very much about bread and roses. I talk an awful lot more about the bread, because unless you have the bread, I’m not sure you can have the roses.

The Left?

Do you think Labour has to reach out to
others on the left?

I would like to see the Social Democrats, in particular, and the Labour Party coming together.
You’d like to see a merging of the two

Yeah. There should be a naturally coming together. They have many fine members. It’s hard to distinguish between Social Democrats and Labour. And there’s others: there’s Independents and people across other parties. And really for the future of social democrats – which we all are – and the future of democratic socialists, really, there needs to be that coming together to forge a block not just in Leinster House but across the

And the Left?

What about the so called ‘far left’?
There is a big difference between the likes of us and the far left, who are really not interested in ever being in government or achieving anything.
It’s permanent protest. I’m not into that. Permanent protest is utopian rubbish. It’ll never materialise into anything. They basically lead people up the garden path and abandon them
all the time. It’s the politics of promoting misery and not seeing anything positive in life.

And the future?

Do you see yourself as a future leader of the party?
Whenever there’s an opportunity again I’ll put my name forward – if the people of Tipperary still elect me, that is!


1. Gearóid - August 17, 2017

…if the people of Tipperary still elect me, that is!

Ah lads, you know what not to do now, fate of the country rests on you and all that!


WorldbyStorm - August 17, 2017



2. Rudolph II - August 17, 2017

The vacuum emits a faint background radiation.


3. Aengus Millen - August 17, 2017

I’m really coming to hate him. He gets interviewed all the time as a member of the public accounts committee when for example Mary Lou a member of a party the public gave more votes to would do just as well. I trust Roisin Shortall and Catherine Murphy but looking back at history there does seem to be a weird magnetism that caused a lot of small left wing parties to let themselves be subsumed by the labour party. Needless to say that would be disastrous and I sincerely hope that never happens.


murf - August 18, 2017

Happily, the LP is now a small party without the gravitational pull to suck in others – and it should be pretty repellent to any group that considers itself in any way left-wing.


Pasionario - August 18, 2017

It would make more sense for the SDs to join up with the Daly/Wallace grouping, which would make for a total of 8 TDs — ahead of Labour and Solidarity/PBP. They don’t seem to be gaining much traction on their own.


Aengus Millen - August 18, 2017

I agree but, while I generally like Wallace and Daly they seem a little to individualistic (not to say attention seeking) to join someone else’s party


4. Pasionario - August 19, 2017

Oh, on another issue, I’m glad that we now know where Alan Kelly stands on the crucial matter of the sex lives of people he has never met.


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