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This Weekend I’ll Mostly Be Listening to… Delia Gonzalez September 2, 2017

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Released earlier this year, this is a fascinating album. US based Gonzalez is a performance artist and sculptor in addition/in tandem with her musical output – and her influences are apparently kosmische and house. Horse Follows Darkness perhaps has some of the spaciousness of kosmische but this is a contemporary electronic album – albeit compressed into the 30 minutes running time of the album.

There’s a lot of keyboards – treated piano’s and so on. The album is meant to represent a return to the US after a period of time in Berlin. Five tracks, In Through the Light opens proceedings with its layered pianos and washes of synth which morph near enough seamlessly into insistent arps. Hidden Song keeps the pianos and adds to them a Neu-like drum and bass pattern. It’s oddly impressive, kosmiche updated perfectly, not least as treated synth and/or guitar riffs supplement the sound. Roulette retains the emphasis on the piano as both melodic and percussive instrument – it reminds me of Brandt Brauer Frick albeit taking a different direction, with subtle percussion swells and fades.

Horse Follows Darkness explores bass sounds beneath repetitive piano figures until around two minutes in a soft but insistent arp manifests itself. Vesuvius, the last track on the album starts with an arpeggiated bass line that works its way through the track set against keyboards and what sounds like treated vocals.

Very listenable.

Hidden Song




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