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This Weekend I’ll Mostly Be Listening to… David Gray September 9, 2017

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David Gray played the Repeal gig in The Olympia earlier in the year and then I saw he was playing in the NCH this week. So knowing it was one of the few common musical tastes between myself and my wife, I got tickets for it.
Playing a solo show he was really excellent, the NCH is really a fantastic venue, one that I’m growing fonder of all the time. There’s no chatter, background noise, people nipping to and fro to the bar or even drinking unlike what you get at some other venues, so you can really listen to the music. For a show like Grays Acoustic one it was perfect.
The one irritating thing was a lady a row ahead who spent the whole time filming the concert on her iPad. It was a distraction and I can’t see how you’d enjoy the concert when you are trying to hold an iPad up for 2 and a half hours. I’ve seen people in Croke Park at matches and Concerts before with iPads but really is doing the recording worth all the hassle?
Incidentally the show was available on a signed double CD afterwards for 25 euro. I’d never come across this before. It’s mad how technology has advanced , but I imagine the venue itself allies itself with good quality recording. The CD’s sold like hotcakes. The quality is very good. Beats the bootleg tapes available a few days later on O’Connell Bridge! I’m not sure if there was such a facility at other shows on the tour but it must be a nightmare for David Gray completists !!
For someone with such a back catalogue he played one particular song as he said it was popular on Spotify. It just showed how music has changed in his career, from a multi million selling album to doing well on Spotify.


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