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A cold house September 12, 2017

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Is this really a surprise? As reported in the Guardian there is…

Growing evidence that EU nationals in the UK are being blocked from renting or buying properties, getting jobs and booking holidays is to be investigated by the government equalities office.


Examples include:

•Rental properties advertised for UK citizens only or outlining different terms for EU nationals.
• One advert for a graduate sales executive in Bristol specifies German language skills but restricts the job to full UK passport holders.
•A job recovering hire cars from France and Spain and delivering them back to Britain is restricted to UK passport holders only.
•An advert for a Solihull-based research job with an international management consultancy specifies that the “candidate must have the right to stay and work permanently in the UK, and a valid UK passport”.
•Travel agencies declining to take bookings from non-British or non-Irish citizens and cancelling the holidays already booked by EU nationals from other countries.
•A law firm advising that employment contracts incorporate clauses that specify that the loss of right to work will result in immediate dismissal.

This is what happens when borders are introduced or existing ones are strengthened. This is the logic of Brext made manifest. None of this is a surprise, none of this is a shock. And this is merely the practical exemplification of attitudinal changes more broadly. Small wonder that there’s been an increase in hate crimes and so forth.

Sure, the Irish won’t catch all the heat – but we’ll catch some, as is clear above. And that should be a reason for solidarity with those who are catching most of it.

By the by the UK remains a part of the EU at this point and for at least another year and a half or more.


1. GW - September 12, 2017

First they came for the furriners who talked funny. Then they started in on the Irish.

Seriously – if the Tory / DUP hard Brexit takes place they will try to pressure the RoI in various ways including making life difficult for Irish working in Britain.


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