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That British GE September 12, 2017

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Fascinating to see yet more people who didn’t have a clue what was going on on the day of the UK GE. As reported in the Guardian…

Barack Obama rang Conservative headquarters on election night with a mistaken but reassuring message for Theresa May because Labour insiders had told him the party was expecting to lose seats, according to a new book about the election.

Shortly before the exit poll, which sent shockwaves through both party headquarters, the former US president contacted a friend in Tory central office with the soothing news that Labour was expecting to see the Conservatives increase their majority.

A fair bit to unpick there, not least, was it a communication to the friend or to the Tory leadership.

But other stuff, all this from a book on the UK General Election – Betting the House by Tom McTague and Tim Ross. That reminds me I must get some books on the US and UK campaigns and Brexit too!

Meanwhile what about this?

The extracts suggest May’s advisers were bitterly divided between presenting her as a radical reformer, or the “strong and stable” face of continuity.

At an “away day” in February in her country retreat, Chequers, May’s political strategist Chris Wilkins and Timothy set out a series of social and economic reforms, and said the prime minister must be presented as “the person who always fought for relentless change”.

But Crosby, the Australian elections expert, dismissed their approach as “classic populist woolly bullshit”, according to the book.

Isn’t that telling? What was May? Clearly there was nothing fixed about her one way or another politically. Or to put it another way there was no there there.


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