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So, this idea Trump was going to usher in a new world of US isolationism? September 14, 2017

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How come we’re talking – entirely seriously – about limited nuclear war, barely half a year into his Presidency.

Discussing this with a friend a while back his analysis was that there was a terrible misapprehension on various parts – including some closer to our political positions – that Trump et al as isolationists of sorts were somehow less likely to be bellicose than previous incumbents and more likely to pull out of contentious areas around the globe. But this is a category error of huge proportions.

It is precisely their isolationism added to an almost vainglorious ignorance that means they are bypassing more traditional approaches and upping the ante to a near enough unprecedented degree. The DPRK is – of course – very much a part of this, but the responses we have heard from the US administration (and not just to the DPRK but also to South Korea and China) are abysmal.

Certainly the idea that we would hear proponents overtly argue that the US and China would be (and worse should be) in armed conflict as Steve Bannon did prior to joining the White House (and in a submerged way subsequently) is a rupture with previous approaches, at least in the near contemporary period.

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of Mason’s piece is the acknowledgement that it is a ‘cabal of ex-generals’ in the White House who are the only rational players in this. When we’ve reached that straits…


1. EWI - September 14, 2017

Not isolationists, rather unilateralists. What people don’t grasp about his anti-NAFTA etc. rhetoric is that he wants to replace them with worse individual agreements where the US is free to intimidate smaller countries, rather than act in a more civilised fashion as just one among many. Therefore also, the hatred of NATO, the UN etc.


WorldbyStorm - September 14, 2017

Yes, that’s a much better way of putting it re unilateralists and re replacing bad with worse


Jim Monaghan - September 14, 2017

Right on the Nail, EWI. Oh and the Brexiters, Lexiers, Erexiters etc. refuse to outline how we would strikje better deals outside the EU, miserable as it is.


EWI - September 14, 2017

Thank you both. And yes, being outside the EU, at the mercy of whatever terms the UK and the US wish to dictate for us, is not a situation that the twenty-six counties should wish to find ourselves in.

(On that same last note, what did people think of Fergus Finlay’s op-ed on Brexit?)


GW - September 14, 2017

+ +1

And “being outside the EU, at the mercy of whatever terms the UK and the US wish to dictate for us” is exactly where the Tories, DUP, PBP/Solidarity want to see us after Brexit.


irishelectionliterature - September 14, 2017

Fergus Finlays piece made sense….. but little about Brexit has been sensible?


GW - September 14, 2017



2. bjg - September 14, 2017

Here’s an interesting take from Tom Engelhardt https://www.juancole.com/2017/09/winners-around-mideast.html arguing that the Trumpistas were defeated by the generals.



CL - September 14, 2017

Trump has made the neocons happy:
“on a deeper level, there was far more continuity than change — not least in Mr. Trump’s denial that he is engaged in nation-building when he is doing precisely that.”-Max Boot.


3. GW - September 14, 2017

On the question of a nuclear ‘tactical’ first strike, I daren’t spend too much time on thinking what the Donald may want to drop on the DRK, given that the act that seems to have most satisfied him so far was to drop the biggest conventional weapon in his arsenal on Syria.

Global nuclear disarmament remains the only path to a safer future.


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