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The DUP trying to soften its image… September 14, 2017

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…in a no cost way?

Theresa May has suffered a major embarrassment in the House of Commons after the Democratic Unionist party backed Labour motions in favour of increasing NHS pay and against a rise in tuition fees.


It is the first example of the DUP breaking with May since they struck a confidence and supply agreement to vote together on crucial legislation after the general election.

The motions fell outside the Tory-DUP deal as they were not binding, but their passage was nevertheless a symbolic victory for Labour and a sign that there is no longer a majority in the House of Commons for many of the austerity policies introduced by the Conservatives.

Of course this also may indicate the DUP has an eye to a possible future BLP government. Even a Corbyn led BLP government.


1. benmadigan - September 14, 2017

compare and contrast the SNP administration in Scotland and the DUP majority Stormont Assembly.

Wonder at the DUP’s corruption record!

Then say you would like them in your government!


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