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Fianna Fáil are calling SF cult-like… the Dáil break must be over! September 19, 2017

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Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin has insisted his party will not enter government with Sinn Féin, describing the party as “IRA apologists” and “cult-like”.Mr Martin said any democratic party would have difficulties doing business with Sinn Féin and the controlling manner in which it conducts politics.

So different of course from the party that he joined when he was in college in the very late 1970s or early 1980s led at the time by a man who wasn’t averse – some would say – to a cult of personality!

And perhaps it’s me but isn’t there something almost childlike about the following?

“It is a very controlling organisation. They are still very strong apologists for the IRA.”

Well… yeah. Does he genuinely expect SF to foreswear the IRA even though that organisation has effectively disbanded as an active paramilitary force?

Still, this was interesting, he had to admit that there ‘were differing views in FF on a potential future arrangement with SF’. So clearly not everyone agrees with his characterisations of that latter party!

As to what is actually being discussed, seems a bit thin, doesn’t it?

But then given the following perhaps that’s no surprise:

But all the signals coming from Longford were that Fianna Fáil, at least, does not foresee an election until late 2018.


1. makedoanmend - September 19, 2017

Martin is encroaching on H. Clinton territory. His use of cult to insult c. 400k SF voters/supporters in Ireland isn’t so far off of Clinton’s usage of “deplorables”.

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WorldbyStorm - September 19, 2017

It’s bizarre as well when seated behind him in the Dáil are a scare at least of his own TDs who think it’s actually a pretty good idea to work with SF.

I’d love someone in the media to call him out on that. How does he square his view with that of members of his own parliamentary party? Are they cultists?


CL - September 19, 2017

It seems that Miceal Martin is being advised by Eoghan Harris.

‘Like Scientology, Sinn Fein is a cult which targets young people. And it is winning the battle for the hearts and minds of the rising generation in the Irish Republic.’


2. CL - September 19, 2017

“Dublin councillor Mannix Flynn has described Sinn Fein as a “cult”,”

“Limerick TD Niall Collins described Sinn Fein as a “cult”, adding that he believes the party’s policies would “destroy” the economy.”

“Sinn Fein’s death cult may attract new adherents,”

“the Shinners’ total lack of internal dissent makes them look like a cult”

“Gerry Adams’ past involvement with the IRA, republican criminality and allegations Sinn Fein operates as a cult all feature in a television programme being broadcast in the Republic on Monday night.”

“Eoghan Harris: Paudie puts Spotlight on Sinn Fein’s cult side”

“Like Scientology, Sinn Fein is a cult which targets young people.”


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