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A 5 year transition for NI? September 26, 2017

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That’s what the:

…Livestock and Meat Commission (LMC) [which] is the first industry body to come out against the prime minister’s plan saying it needs more time to offset the negative impact of Brexit in Northern Ireland, which has the weakest economy of the 12 regions of the UK.


1. CL - September 26, 2017

Yes but the EU’s position is that there cannot be discussion of transition until the Irish border question, finance, and citizen rights are settled.
““Real progress on the three main issues: citizens [rights], Ireland and financial settlement is essential to move to the discussion of a transition as well as on the future. These are separate issues,”-Barnier.

The Tory govt negotiators have a different view. Its unclear what the Irish govt position is, -apart from unrealistic incantation about a frictionless border after the UK exits.
Perhaps there will be a meeting of minds between Davis and Barnier by Thursday when another press conference is scheduled.

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CL - September 26, 2017

“Irish authorities expect Britain’s Brexit transition …. may take as as long as five years…
“If they want a transition period to serve its purpose, the final deal itself would have to be completely agreed upon and signed off in advance,” said Katy Hayward…
Progress has been made on the Irish issue, though a final resolution will be parked until the shape of the U.K.’s future relationship is clearer”


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