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Eight Referendums September 26, 2017

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The Irish Times reports today that

The Government wants to hold eight referendums over the next two years, including one on abortion next year.

The Eight are…..
The 8th Amendment
To remove blasphemy as an offence
Change the reference to women’s place in the home
Directly elected mayors
Giving Oireachtas committees more powers
Referendum to reduce the divorce term
Voting Rights to Emigrants for Presidential Elections
Reduce the voting age

Thats some amount of votes although some will be with The Presidential Election (should there be one) and some may even hold off to The 2019 Local Elections ….. and we might even have a General Election on one of the dates too. Indeed a number of Referendum dates in 2018 could well provide cover for a snap election.
Interesting too if any wider political grouping evolves from any of the Referendums or how much they are used by parties or Independents to gather “a team” together.
Oh and looking at the list you can already figure out who the No side on a lot of them will be.


1. ivorthorne - September 26, 2017

Depending on the how they do this, it could be quite a good exercise in democracy. I’d bet good money on a general election before the last two happen.


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