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Commemoration event to mark centenary of U-boat attacks SATURDAY September 29, 2017

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SS Hare / SS Adela commemoration event is tomorrow , Saturday 30th September . Assembling at 12.30 pm at the Sean O’Casey bridge (Custom House Quay), to start at 1pm sharp !

This is an important commemoration , remembering the 36 seafarers who lost their lives in separate U-boat attacks on Dublin Port vessels. The SS Hare (‘Larkins food ship’) was lost as it traveled from Manchester , while the SS Adela was struck as it travelled to Liverpool . Over half of those who lost their lives were from the Dockland communities North and South of the Liffey.

For further details see the face book event page :


See also the excellent video promotio here :

Part of the commemoration event tomorrow will be the launch of a booklet and exhibition at the Clayton Hotel , immediately after the plaque unveiling.

See the East Wall community website for a sneak peek at one of the sections , the story of Christopher Wolfe , a North Dock seafarer who lost his life aboard the SS Adela.



1. EWI - September 29, 2017

Unrestricted u-boat warfare came about, of course, because the British started the use of ‘Q-ships’ in violaton of international convention and law.


WorldbyStorm - September 30, 2017

Reading about it while that might have been an excuse – and not an entirely illegitimate one, there does seem to have been other pressures on Germany to up the ante in terms of using U-boats to disrupt merchant shipping. The British naval blockade of Germany was a real issue for that latter state. Q-ships only sank submarines in 1915 and that after the first no-warning attacks on merchant shipping by U-boats which occurred in April of that year. The Lusitania was sunk a month later. However the first Q-Ship sinking of submarines occurred in June of that year.


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