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‘Forced inclusivity’? September 30, 2017

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I was amused – in a way – at some of the complaints over the latest entry to the Star Trek canon – that being ST:Discovery. But the one that stuck in my mind – echoing thoughts articulated net wide – argued that the trailer which featured – shock, horror, a woman of colour and an Asian woman and an alien, and just one white male, in its first couple of minutes was an example of ‘forced inclusivity’ which apparently was so so different to the ‘inclusivity’ of Gene Rodenberry.

And you know, it struck me that no doubt some one could have made the same argument in 1968 when Uhura first appeared on the bridge of the Enterprise along with Sulu (and in a way, Pavel Chekov) – for no doubt the tender sensibilities of some in the United States would find that at that point (in a time of bussing etc) very much ‘forced inclusivity’.

To miss that salient fact is to miss much about ST as a cultural artefact. Indeed Discovery seems to slot neatly into the broad legacy of ST in that regard and it is good, albeit perhaps a tad reductive given that this is yet another look at the earlier history of the Federation, to have a window open on the ST universe from a slightly different angle – that being what fiction and one would hope science fiction is all about, and secondly the show will stand or fall on whether it is any good and so far… well, so good, at least to judge from the reviews.

Indeed my only quibbles are yet another redesign of the Klingons and the idea that Sonequa Martin-Green’s character is meant to be an adopted sister to Spock. Now that’s messing with the canon but if they can do it right… I’ll live with it (and before getting too precious, the genuinely appalling Star Trek V: The Final Frontier introduced as from nowhere Spock’s never before heard of older brother so there is precedent). And entirely correct ST as a franchise to do the right thing by its female characters in particular – great to see the excellent Michelle Yeoh, though Voyager, of which I have grown increasingly fond over the years, had its ups as well as downs.


1. gendjinn - September 30, 2017

“Forced inclusivity” is when the natives reject the “Cultural assimilation” of supremacists and refuse to give up their language, culture, history and rights.

In the north putting up Irish signs or flags is “Forced inclusivity” but over 3,000 Unionist marches a year is a celebration of “Culture”.

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