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This Weekend I’ll Be Listening… to just stuff I’ve been playing a lot recently. September 30, 2017

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Mostly from this year or last with one or two older pieces. Let’s start with something Irish…

Slow Place Like Home – When I see You…Ice Cream
Their latest single, also on their soon to be released latest album. One of the finest Irish acts around.

Endless Boogie – Back in ’74
I’ve mixed feelings about Endless Boogie, I always enjoy listening to their albums, three or four now by my reckoning, but I wonder if they wouldn’t profit from releasing them less frequently and with fewer tracks because while when they hit they hit, sometimes they sound a bit samey. And yet perhaps that’s the point, the clue being in the name. This is a fantastic song.

Brian Jonestown Massacre – Open Minds Now Close
It really is time there was a This Weekend I’ll Mostly Be Listening to BJM. And this from the latest album, Don’t Get Lost, is pretty brilliant.

Beroshima – Hexaline (Hiroshi Watanabe Remix)
Lovely stuff from a year or so back – Frank Muller of Beroshima and a fine remix.

Extol – Open the Gates
This is bizarre, been reading some histories of heavy metal over the Summer and chasing down some obscure paths. Not the least of which is ‘white metal’, that is avowedly Christian metal (and let’s not even get started on Catholic Metal). Most of it ain’t great, some is okay and some is just bizarre. How about this for a collision between industrial, thrash and a very very famous 1970s group!

Nitemoves – Veaquis
No idea at all who Nitemoves is except for a Tycho link and other than that he offers a sort of post-Boards of Canada style of electronica infused on occasion with a jazzy and dancey undertow.

The Comet is Coming – Start Running
Jazz, electronica, funk and psychedelic rock – well, that’s what they say themselves. Pretty great.

All India Radio (feat Selena Cross) – Can You hear the Sound
Martin Kennedy’s Australian outfit at its most ethereal on the album The Slow Light from which this track with vocals by Selena Cross is taken.

Arch Enemy – War Eternal
This is played a fair bit around my place – not least because it is hugely popular with one member of the collective, not least for the fact of female vocals. It’s odd, I’ve this huge blank spot in my musical tastes when it comes to intertwined guitars – always remind me of Thin Lizzy, who while I really liked always had a slightly fussy sound I thought. And I hear it here I do. Still, cracking track.

Ex Eye – Xenolith; The Anvil
As noted above I’ve been listening to a lot of other metal in recent times (expect Celtic Frost and Trouble This Weekend’s… soon. I kid you not. You’ll thank me someday) – and this sits clearly on the boundaries of same – indeed go to their band camp page and you’ll read they’re black metal prog rock, no less. Cool. Now read the comments on Youtube and you’ll see a lot of moaning about the sax, but… er… none of them heard Hawkwind obviously. Hawkwind with Lemmy no less.

The Veldt – One Day Out Of Life
Unfairly unheralded pioneers of 1990s US shoe gaze, and African American too, the Veldt returned this year with a very enjoyable range of tracks on their The Shocking Fuzz Of Your Electric Fur EP.

Weeknight – Tonight
Somewhere, some part of music will always be post-punk/goth/Joy Division style. And here’s Weekend to ensure that that remains so.

Slowdive – Sugar for the Pill
Rachel Goswell’s vocals are low in the mix, those of Neil Halstead upped, is it me or does this sound remarkably like China Crisis?

I, Synthesist – The Lost Parade
I, Synthesist, US based solo artist, is sort of tied to an early 1980s near-Thomas Dolby/futurist groove, at least on this track (his later releases from the turn of the 2010s are oddly closer to Underworld). But there’s something in the mix of throwaway woozy vocals and never more melodic choruses that sort of work.

Paul Draper – Don’t You Wait It Might Never Come
Speaking of tied to sounds – Paul Draper of Mansun released a couple of EPs this last while (as well as producing and co-writing the pretty fine The Anchoress album). It’s not a million miles away from his comfort zone, which is a good thing.

Audionom – Europa
There’s a weird pop/industrial/post-punk/krautrock… well, scene is too grand a name for it, in Sweden which three groups across a decade or so managed to pull together, these being Citizen Bird, then 120 Days and finally Audionom. All three had a skewed pop sensibility. This I like from an album released a couple of years ago is described as ‘Europa, however, is an anarchist European protest song’. Very good so.


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