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Che Guevara Stamps Launched Today October 5, 2017

Posted by irishelectionliterature in Uncategorized.

Hope to pop up to the GPO to get some of these. Nice to see An Post recognising the 50th Anniversary of his death (which is next Monday)
Image via The Connolly Youth Movement.


1. roddy - October 5, 2017

Brilliant.Will be in free state on Sunday.Where can they be bought?


irishelectionliterature - October 5, 2017

I may be wrong but I don’t think the GPO is open to sell stamps on a Sunday. Might be worth contacting An Post.


2. roddy - October 5, 2017



irishelectionliterature - October 5, 2017
3. CL - October 5, 2017

Declan Ganley is not amused.

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4. Gerryboy - October 5, 2017

About the artist who created the Che icon, Jim Fitzpatrick:



5. FergusD - October 6, 2017

Ordered some, and the envelopes. Can you imagine the UK PO doing this? The stamps would have Che and Her Maj on!!

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6. irishelectionliterature - October 6, 2017

Getting a very positive reaction 🙂


7. O'Connor Lysaght - October 6, 2017

With which lot is K.Redmond?


Starkadder - October 6, 2017

Cllr. Redmond is described here as an independent and a “libertarian” who “can routinely be found tweeting quotes from conservative figures like Ayn Rand, Ronald Reagan and Friedrich Hayek.”



Starkadder - October 6, 2017

EDIT: Redmond is identified in the piece as a member of Renua, not an independent.


Alibaba - October 6, 2017

He is an Independent councillor now, but was previously a Fine Gael cllr who did this:

‘A Fine Gael councillor has been forced to apologise after tweeting his dismay at the demise of The Sun newspaper’s Page 3 feature with disparaging remarks about people who object to the use of topless models to sell newspapers.’


A tweeting tosser.


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