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More UK Polling October 17, 2017

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From UKPOLLINGREPORT this useful analysis of last weeks YouGov poll. The figures for the parties are in or around the area we have seen now consistently for months with Labour marginally ahead of the Tories – remember when Corbyn was supposedly unelectable and unable to gain traction? Interesting were an election held tomorrow. Of course it won’t be, but when it is it is difficult to think that the incredibly solid performance of the BLP won’t stand to it (and surely options are opening in terms of either single party government or some sort of arrangement with the SNP? Though no one will admit to that last).

One real oddity is how T May’s personal standing has held up, though May is now equal with Corbyn both at 33%.

And what of the issue that looms over all others?

Also notable was YouGov’s regular tracker on whether people think Britain was right or wrong to vote to leave the European Union. 42% of people now think that Brexit was the right decision, 47% think it was the wrong decision. The five point lead for “wrong” is the highest that YouGov have shown in this question since they started tracking it after the referendum. All the usual caveats apply – all polls have a margin of error, and it’s wrong to get too excited over small movements in a poll that may be no more than normal random variation. The important thing to do is the watch the trend, and while the country is still quite evenly divided over the merits of Brexit as I wrote last month, the regular trackers do appear to have started to show some small movement towards regret.

If that dynamic is real it is very possible that as the reality of Brexit and all that it entails comes into view people are booming a lot less sanguine about it.

One has to hope that that will feed into support for a so-called soft Brexit.


1. GW - October 17, 2017

Looking into the detail of the Brexit-related questions is instructive.

Among all of the supposed ‘benefits’ of Brexit now a large majority disbelieve them – economic wellbeing, NHS spending, influence in the world, more jobs etc. etc.

The only majority who are convinced that Brexit will benefit them are those opposed to immigration.

Nuff said.


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