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Closure of post offices and other resources? It’s not the State to blame, it’s right wing governments… October 19, 2017

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I’ve got to admit I was a bit irritated by this line from an Taoiseach the other day when speaking about the closure of rural post offices…

I read interesting analysis, not too long ago, of politics in France, And in France, the people who are most likely to vote for the Front National, for extreme right – or even extreme left – parties, are those who live furthest away from the post office, a Garda station or a train station.And I think, in many ways, the closure of post offices across rural Ireland – and the closure, indeed, even of Garda stations across rural Ireland – to many people is the State retreating and the State and the public sector abandoning them. And I’m very aware of the sensitivities in communities when a post office is closed: they feel that the State has pulled out and pulled away from them and doesn’t care about them anymore.

And that’s why – eh, one of the reasons – that we are determined to maintain and secure the post office network into the future.

As it happens I suspect he is in one part correct – remove services, facilities and resources and people will naturally go looking for others to assist in bringing them back (albeit the FN and similar parties usually have little more than cosmetic smear of support for citizens in such instances whereas these are fundamental to actual left programmes) But he makes it sound as if it is the State which has decided on this course of action when of course it is the political class of which he is a member – a right wing political class (bar the dishonourable examples from former social democracy) for the most part which has overseen such policies.

So it is more than a fraction disingenuous to frame this as he does.


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