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This Week At Irish Election Literature October 20, 2017

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Communist Party of Ireland statement on the 1937 Referendum on The Constitution and the Election held the same day.

The 1977 Fianna Fail General Election Manifesto, which I finally got my hands on!

A 2004 European Elections leaflet from Kathy Sinnott who is currently on Hunger Strike over the Oireachtas Committee not watching an abortion video.

A Flyer from Liam Van Der Spek who is The Labour Local Area Rep in Cavan


1. Aengus Millen - October 20, 2017

Thanks for sharing that statement by the CPI it gets at a question I’m interested in. I’m currently writing my thesis on socialism in the IRA in the post-independence pre-troubles era focusing on people like Peadar O’Donnell. My advisor asked me off hand what the IRA’s opinion was on social issues like the status of women at the time and I didn’t have much of an answer. It’s interesting to see the CPI specifically noting the status of women in the constitution I’ll have to see if the IRA took a similar position.


irishelectionliterature - October 20, 2017

The Status of women in the Constitution was one of the reasons (believe it or not) for Fine Gael opposing the Constitution. There were Non Political Womens groups set up to oppose the Constitution too. So it wouldn’t have been confined to the CPI.


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