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Halligan off to North Korea? November 3, 2017

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John Halligan seeks to lead peace mission to North Korea

Mr Halligan has said it’s not good enough that the only dialogue towards Korea from the west has been Donald Trump threatening to blow them up.

He said a large delegation of North Koreans had come to Waterford 20 years ago to see the workings of Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann and they were ‘very easy to talk to’.


1. Joe - November 3, 2017

Great story. Thought it might be Waterford Whispers first. Halligan would know a few people who’ve been to North Korea and had dealings with its ruling party and government, I’d say.
He might even have a chat with some of them before he goes. If he goes.
Jaw jaw is better than war war.


2. Colm B - November 3, 2017

The comhaltas links were arranged through the WP. For some reason the then comhaltas supremo, ffer Labhras O Murchu, was very enthusiastic.
I know this cos I was, peripherally, involved in the process, on the WP side.
As usual Halligan makes no ref to the WP aspect…funny that eh?


alanmyler - November 3, 2017

He did mention the WP on the radio today. I’m not sure what he said as I wasn’t really listening, I just caught the mention and then tuned out again.


Colm B - November 3, 2017

Thanks alan.
Halligan was deeply involved with the element of the WP who were most enthusiastic about the Nk links.
He also played a key role in Waterford on the WP loyalist (no pun intended) side during both DL and later ORM splits. Ironically he then turns round and does a Gilmore, supporting water rates, going into coalition in right-wing government. What surprises me how little criticism he faces from the WP these days, one wonders if it might be mutual desire to let sleeping dogs lie.

I’ll give him this though, he does a nice line in maintaining radical left rhetoric, all that admiration for Che etc., while happily propping up an FG government and it’s right wing policies. He’s to socialism what Zappone is to feminism – an establishments politician, doing establishment politics, masquerading as a radical.


dublinstreams - November 3, 2017
alanmyler - November 3, 2017

Colm I’d say that Halligan will come under more attention from the comrades as the party rebuilds in Waterford. Certainly there’s I’ll feeling within the party towards him at his defection at a low point for the party over what was seen as putting his personal career ahead of the party. Having said that I’ve heard rumours of Garland visiting him in the Dail so who knows, maybe there’s a live and let live thing going on?


3. dublinstreams - November 3, 2017

Covoeny says he doesn’t think he would be a good idea https://www.irishtimes.com/news/politics/north-korea-peace-mission-planned-by-independent-ministers-1.3278959?utm_content=sf-man but they really should ask the EU becuase Ireland doesn’t really have its own foreign policy


4. CL - November 3, 2017

“The Trump administration has been pursuing backchannel talks with North Korea, ”

Trump is on his way to Asia for a 12-day trip and he may meet with Putin in Vietnam.

Will Kim carry out more ‘tests’ while Trump is in the neighborhood?


5. Jim Monaghan - November 3, 2017

Surely Comrade Garland should help.


alanmyler - November 3, 2017

I’m not sure Cde Garland can leave the country too easily with the US looking to extradite him to face that super dollars fake news thing.


6. Joe - November 3, 2017

Em, I read somewhere about a personal friendship between Labhrás O Murchú of Comhaltas and Tomás MacGiolla of WP. Which could have been the link that led to the music thing back when.
Pretty sure, Halligan had Garland as a guest in the Dáil at some event not long after his election – there was a photo. Can’t remember what the gig was.

Anyway, I’d be very confident that Halligan is the man who can save the planet from armageddon in this instance.

We now need to move on to the Catalonia situation. I was thinking about who we could dispatch over there to resolve the impasse. WBS, your old friend Jack Ádh Mór would seem to be the man for the job. I hope he’s still with us and up for a last endeavour. He’d have the contacts from way back in all the camps – the Catalan nationalists and the Catalan left, the Spanish left and of course, the Basque nationalists and left and the Galician separatists. Can you get in touch with him, get him out to Girona or some place, call a conference, and sort it? He’s the man to do a Halligan on this one.

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WorldbyStorm - November 3, 2017

The Ádh Mór has been in semi-retirement this last number of years, but this is just the thing to get his old activist hat(s) on again!


Tomboktu - November 3, 2017

Only semi-retirement, not full chillin’?


O'Connor Lysaght - November 4, 2017

‘I’d be very confident that Halligan is the man who can save the planet from Armageddon in this instance.’
On past form, I suspect that Halligan is more likely to return from Pyongyang brandishing a slim volume of the Thoughts of Chairman Kim’.

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NollaigO - November 4, 2017

Careful there now, Raynor!
Returning from North Korea brandishing the writings of the Great Helmsman has history!


Paddy Healy - November 7, 2017

I saw Garlandsky with Halligan in the Dáil
But don’t be giving out about our Tipperary Hero Labhrás! He is next best thing to Tommy O’Brien!

I’ve heard Callas at La Scala, Pavorotti at the Met,
In Prague for Giovanni, heard Mozarts famed duet,
I’ve heard Verdi at Verona,
Quaffed Wagner by the Rhine,
Come hers says the Tipp man,
Did you ever listen to Tommy O’Brien???
With Apologies to The Two Travellers by C H Boland

Prizes for a similar rhyme celebrating Labhrás i gCaiseal Mumhan


7. Joe Mooney - November 4, 2017

I know we put the clocks back last weekend but I thought it was only an hour, didn’t know it was all the way back to April 1st . Hope it’s all filmed , it’d be funnier than “The Interview” or “Team America , World Police”. A trio of egotistical , delusional wasters . Irish voters get the representatives they deserve.


Gerryboy - November 5, 2017

Kim Jong-un: What a remarkable mustache you have, Mr. Halligan. You remind me of Charlie Chaplin.
John Halligan: And what a stylish haircut you have, Mr. Kim. You could infiltrate the US marines.


8. CL - November 4, 2017

John Halligan said he “hoped to ask the North Korean leader to engage in democracy “.

What would it mean for Kim Jong-un to ‘engage in democracy’?
Does anyone know?


O'Connor Lysaght - November 5, 2017

Isn’t there a boardgame of that name?


9. dublinstreams - November 4, 2017

Apparently he is communicating with the North Korean embassy in the UK via an intermediary he won’t name https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/ireland/tds-try-to-solve-north-korea-crisis-wn5dh27fp


WorldbyStorm - November 5, 2017

Hmmmm who could that be?


10. Paddy Healy - November 6, 2017

John Halligan Resign—-Waterford Facebook Page

Deitrear go d’táinig daoine ó fad-oirthear na cruinne i d’tír i Roinn Ua gCuanaigh (An Rinn) sa tsean aimsir. Bhí Aghaidh is gruaig fíor dhorcha orthu. Tá rian díbh le feiscint i gCo Portlairge go fóill, fiú amháin duine díbh ag freastail sa Dail. Meascaddh an teanga a bhí ag na na h-oirthearaigh leis an dteanga áitiuil chun cainiuint na riinne a chur in eagar . Ta fuaimiu da chuid féin acu go fóill. Ceapann alán Déisigh go mbéadh an teachta Dála i bfad níós fearr dá bfhillead sé ar an gCoréa Thuaidh


Geraldus Galwensis - November 8, 2017

Casting aspersions on his alleged far eastern ethnic origins, are we? Mo naire thú!


11. CL - November 9, 2017

One more crisis;

‘The Independent Alliance group of five TDs, which forms part of the Government side in the Dáil, has been thrown into its most serious crisis yet over the proposed peace trip by some of its members to North Korea.’

‘The latest political crisis in the UK over international development minister Priti Patel’s unauthorised discussions with government figures in Israel is an example of how other countries find it simply unacceptable that ministers can launch their own foreign policy initiatives.’


dublinstreams - November 9, 2017

I saw Kevin Doyle of the Indo make the same comparison, the difference is he hasn’t met anyone only requested to meet. He says he was acting as TD but you can’t not be a minister. If their position in government was highlighted in the correspondence… that may well be a problem. The big difference is that Patel was meeting on things that were directly in her portfolio. (she also seems to have gone against policy re Golan etc). She also seemed to be acting inconjunction with lobbyiest rather then her government.


dublinstreams - November 9, 2017

Stpehen collins makes the same comparison https://www.irishtimes.com/opinion/ministers-trip-to-n-korea-would-be-mockery-of-foreign-policy-1.3284437 ” it threatens to make a mockery of Irish foreign policy” he didn’t mention what Irelands foreign policy on NK is.


12. CL - November 9, 2017

‘INDEPENDENT Alliance minister John Halligan has renewed calls for himself and four other TDs to visit North Korea on a peace mission, stating he “could do with the break from Irish politics right now”….
“It will just be nice to get away and not have to worry about offending any feminists over there since they’re all in prison,” he added


13. dublinstreams - November 14, 2017

Richard Bruton as reported in the Daily Mail today said that ‘North Korea isn’t the sort of state we should support in any way.’ Was there anybody sugesting we support North Korea?


14. dublinstreams - November 17, 2017

Is Halligan not telling Ross he had sent the letter one of the worst parts of this story, Ross says they had talked about it years ago and then next tiem he heard about it was McGrath telling him they might be going in the New Year https://www.rte.ie/player/ie/show/prime-time-30003251/10801098/ He also only told Ross about the WRC thing ten days before. Ross taking it in his stride but very oor from Halligan. His actions need even more scrunity.


Gerryboy - November 17, 2017

More scrutiny from Waterford Whispers, I’d add.


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